Stackify Offers the Best in ASP.NET Application Monitoring

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If you are seeking a cost-effective, comprehensive tool for ASP.NET application monitoring, look no further than Stackify’s Application Performance Monitoring tool, APM+. Stackify’s ASP.NET monitoring solution enables developers to drill down into an application at the code level in order to gain insights about the application’s behavior and performance to quickly catch and resolve application problems.

What is offered within Stackify’s ASP.NET application monitoring solution?

Stackify provides several different tools in one solution that makes it easy to identify and troubleshoot application problems.

  • Identify slow web requests & database queries
  • Monitor server CPU, memory, and uptime
  • Monitor windows performance counters & IIS metrics
  • Track and monitor custom defined application metrics
  • Track all ASP.NET application errors
  • Collect and view all NLog, log4net and Windows Event Viewer logs

Stackify APM+ combines all of these great ASP.NET monitoring features in one easy-to-use dashboard. Using Stackify APM+, users can identify issues in their application as soon as it happens and identify it’s source. Stackify’s APM+ enables developers to drill down into an issue in the application’s performance with a significant amount of data and context to determine the cause of the problem quickly.

By combining inline log and error messages into the detailed stack trace information, Stackify allows developers to see the conditions the application was under when the problem occurred. Using Stackify’s .NET application monitoring tool can provide an easy path for recovery from the issue.

Stackify even allows developers to define their own custom metrics for their ASP.NET applications. Via our standard nuget package, StackifyLib, developers can monitor and track how long any part of their code takes or how often a certain activity occurs. This can be incredibly useful for monitoring key parts of your application like, for example, how many orders happen per minute.

If you’re ready to get started with Stackify’s ASP.NET application monitoring solution, sign up for a free trial today!