Stackify Updates: Holidays Edition

Jason Taylor Stackify Product & Company Updates

Our elves have been hard at work and we have some great updates going in today, 12/21/2012. Some highlights below:

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Azure Support Enhancements

  • Better role detection. Currently, Stackify will report the server name for any agent. For Azure roles, this translates to something like “RD00155D310862” which is not extremely useful. This update will still record that device name, but adds a new “Server Alias” field which is the name of the Role as seen in the Azure Management Portal. This alias will display throughout the system and can be edited further. Look for more Azure enhancements like this in the near future.

File Masking

  • We have implemented a search pattern that can mask sensitive data (such as passwords, connection strings, etc) from files that are viewed / downloaded via the File Browser function.

UI Improvements

  • Small tweaks and enhancments to our UI throughout the application, and for cross-browser concerns.

Performance Improvements

  • Adjustments to our caching mechanism and other parts of the application to make page loads and refresh times as fast as possible.