What’s Rankled (or Tickled) Devs the Most? Pt.1

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robson Does anyone else suddenly lose the ability to type properly as soon as someone is watching/pairing?


mcarrera633 On his first week at job, the junior says:
Hey guys! Check out this new website I found! You’ll thank me later.


angelorm About Brexit.


No worries, no SPAM. Opt-out anytime.


daumie And that was enough encouragement



jsjunkie Everyone always says the previous developer was crap, sometimes you’re right




micheltombroff I went to Paris for my first interview (that was 1989) for a job of Unix kernel developer. All dressed up. I step out of the elevator and see a young punk with scruffy hair and different colour shoes. I reckon he must be the pizza delivery guy. I ask him “dude, can you please point me to the CEO’s office for interview”. He said “sure, follow me man, I’ll show you”. We arrive at a desk, he sat down in the big chair and looks at me with a big smile and says “Ok dude, here we are. I am the CEO. Now let’s see how good you are!”
I got the job. And 26 years latet, last week, amazing coincidence: I met him again at a trade show in Paris … with the same coloured shoes. How cool is that!!!





0x00 My girlfriend dumped me after I named a class after her. She felt I treated her like an object.



Kernelovic Use Vim. What could happen?…




orion-ix When a hiring manager wants 5+ years experience in Swift. Swift release date = June 2, 2014 ???



bakablah “A different error message! Finally some progress!”


. . . . . .


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bashoricky when your janitor knows his audience