The Guide to .NET Profilers

What are profilers? Which is the best? Download our free guide and get all the answers around using a .NET profiler.

What's in the Guide?

We know that understanding is at the heart of successful code – that’s why we compiled this resource about .NET profilers! At Stackify, we do a lot of things around application performance, and have actually written a couple profilers ourselves. We know a lot about code profiling for .NET and after reading this guide, you will too.

Save valuable time and get the low-down on .NET profilers all in one place. Not only will you get a solid Stackify’d definition, we also explain what profilers do. 

You’ll also learn:

The 3 Different Types of .NET Profilers:

-Traditional .NET Profilers

-Lightweight .NET Profiler/Transaction Tracing Tools

-Application Performance Tools

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