Diagnose, Improve and Accelerate Performance

Stackify gives developers the confidence they need to deploy early and often

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Why Stackify?

We provide an affordable APM solution designed for developers

Improve your code

Quickly identify ways to improve performance and fix hidden exceptions.

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Get more visibility

Retrace gives developers all the application insights they need in one place.

Improve deployments

Track when deployments occur and if your team is shipping higher quality code.

One Toolset for Complete Application Insights

Everything your team needs to know about your applications, their performance, and diagnostics in one place

Two Awesome Products

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For your servers – $50 month per server

Developer friendly APM

  • Used in QA and production environments
  • Centralized logging & error tracking
  • Comprehensive application monitoring
  • Application & server metrics

For your workstation – free!

Lightweight web request profiler

  • Used during development
  • View details of individual web requests

How are Stackify products different than traditional profilers & APMs?

Traditional APMs are like expensive traffic lights

They tell you if things are good, bad, or close to bad. But they fail at giving developers the details they need to really fix problems.

Stackify Bug Finder

Stackify products are like a magical developer map

Our products were designed for developers. Stackify products track deep level details about your application to help find and fix problems quickly.