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Full Lifecycle Application Performance Monitoring

Code-level monitoring and observability for better application performance. Contextualize your APM with integrated logs and errors to make your application sleeker, more reliable and bug free.

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Get the Insights You Need for Continuous Application Improvement

Sleek Application Performance Monitoring

Pinpoint and fix production issues in record time. Retrace integrates application performance monitoring, errors and logs to make troubleshooting production problems quicker and easier.

Powerful Code Profiling and Testing

Eliminate bugs by validating your code as you write it. Use Prefix as part of your everyday coding setup to identify slow SQL queries, hidden exceptions and more before they impact your application.

APM for developers

Validate app functionality with instant, code-level feedback

Squash bugs

Expedite issue resolution with integrated error & trace logs

Immediate improvements

Optimize app performance with real-time tracing & profiling

Actionable insights

Maximize code-level performance with Smart Suggestions

Integrated Error Tracking

Find application performance problems and errors before they hit production. Use Retrace error tracking in your QA or Dev environments to proactively improve your code's performance.

Reduce MTTR

Simplify troubleshooting with integrated error tracking & transaction trace data

Comprehensive insights

Quickly find & resolve hidden errors, slow queries, web requests & more with customizable log viewer

Flexible troubleshooting

Optimize app performance with detailed drill-down & search functionality

Optimal upgrades

Ensure ongoing app performance with deployment tracking

Comprehensive Transaction Tracing

Get a full picture of what your code is doing. Retrace and Prefix both use our lightweight profiling to give you insight into exactly what your code is doing, and when.

Integrated logs

Expedite app optimization with unified profiling & logging

The complete picture

Thoroughly understand app performance issues with detailed transaction traces

Comprehensive tracking

Optimize web service, SOAP & REST API performance with external HTTP call tracking

Legacy optimization

Ensure async code performance with support for modern async development patterns for .NET and Java

Log Management Hub

Consolidate all of your logs. Use Retrace centralized logging to view, search and organize your application and server logs.

Centralized Logging

Access all of your application logs from a single place across all applications.

Structured Logging

Including objects, log tags and searchable properties adds the intelligence.


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