Manage performance of all your apps and servers. Retrace what your code is doing to quickly fix problems.




• View performance and usage of:

        - SQL queries

        - Web service calls

        - Caching

        - Queuing

        - and much, much more

• Find hidden application errors

• View logs statements by web req

• Basic javascript performance data

• View last 100 web requests

• Captures traces while open

• Supports web apps


All Dev/Test features, plus:

• 30 day retention for detail data

• Alerts & notifications 

• 1,000 errors/logs per device per min

(higher rates and longer retention available)


≈Per Server 

(Single Core)

Get 1 free Retrace Dev/Test server per month when you upgrade!


Per User

Prefix Premium

• Aggregate app performance

• 7 day data retention

• No alerts/notifications

• 100 error/logs per device per min

• Identify dependency performance

• Find slow transactions & SQL queries

• View detailed profile traces

• Advanced app error tracking

• Search across all app logs

• Server monitoring

• Application metrics

Retrace Dev/Test


Retrace Production

≈Per Pre-Production



≈Per Server



For your Dev Box

Lightweight profiler helps you debug and pre-fix application problems.

Pro Version for Dev Box

For Apps on a Pre-Prod Box


For Apps in Production

All free features, plus:

• Trace transactions across servers

• Always running in background

• View last 1,000 web requests

• Save & share profile traces

• Profile custom methods

• Compare performance w/Retrace

• Advanced javascript perf. tracking

• Suggestions on code issues

• Supports self hosted web apps

• Supports Windows services

• Perform unit tests

Stackify Retrace billing is metered so you never overpay!

Detailed metered pricing info. is available:

Stackify Pricing

What happens when my trial ends?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you bill for Azure Web Apps?

Not Ready for the Big Guns?

What kind of support do you offer?

Standalone Errors & Logs


• Server & app monitoring

• Custom metrics

• Errors & logs

• 1,000 errors/logs per minute per device

• 30 day retention

(higher rates and longer retention available)


• 1,000 errors/logs per minute

• 30 day retention (60/90 days avail.)

Azure Web Apps are priced based on the size of your App Service Plan, not per Web App. An App Service Plan could be 3 server instances hosting 20 Web Apps. The price would be for the 3 instances from the App Service Plan.


Errors & logs via API

(no agent present)


• 1,000 errors/logs per minute

• 30 day retention (60/90 days avail.)

Standalone Monitoring

Can I cancel my service at any time?

Starting at $15/mo

Of course. If you decide that Stackify isn’t for you, simply cancel anytime. You will only be billed for the amount of usage metered for the current billing period to date. We hope that you’ll give us the chance to prove our value to you before you cancel the service.

Starting at $15/mo

Where can I get additional information?

How do I convert my Stackify trial to a paid account?

In addition to the information found on our site, we have a wide-ranging series of videos featuring our COO. You can access them here.

Simply go to your Account Settings page and choose Upgrade Subscription. If someone else will be upgrading your account, you can get more information here.

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