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22 Tips to Lower Azure Pricing and Optimize Hosting Costs

February 2, 2017Microsoft Azure provides a powerful set of services to help developers build and deploy their apps. Azure makes it so easy to use that you can quickly let your Azure hosting costs get out of control.  However, there are ways to better manage your Azure pricing and optimize your overall costs. At Stackify, we have been using Azure for over.

What is structured logging and why developers need it

January 31, 2017Log files are one of the most valuable assets that a developer has. Usually when something goes wrong in production the first thing you hear is “send me the logs”. The goal of structured logging is to bring a more defined format and details to your logging. We have been practicing structured logging at Stackify for quite a while.

.NET Core 2.0 Changes – 5 Things to Know

January 31, 2017It has only been about a year since .NET Core 1.0 RC came out. We are now getting close to .NET Core 2.0. We have been playing with .NET Core since the betas and feel like the quality of the 1.0 runtime was very good. Our only complaint has really been odd Visual Studio behavior. We would expect that.

Message Queues & You – 12 Reasons to Use Message Queuing

January 30, 2017At Stackify, we receive a lot of data from your apps to our Retrace APIs. We queue all of that data as soon as it gets to us, and then we use separate background services to process the data. Message queues help a lot with ensuring data is never lost, traffic spikes, etc. We decided to put together a list.