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Top Bug Tracking Tools: 50 Useful Tools for Tracking and Collaborating on Bugs and Issues for Better Software Development

April 24, 2017Dealing with code problems is a natural part of the development process. For small projects, you can sometimes get away with local testing and local notes, but as your software keeps growing, it’s a good idea to start thinking about a centralized bug and issue tracking solution that can archive the progress of your development cycle. Likewise, it will be.

Why Production Monitoring Can Come Too Late in the Development Process

April 20, 2017I’ve spent a number of years, now, writing software.  At the risk of dating myself, I worked on software in the early 2000s.  Back then, you couldn’t take quite as much for granted.  For example, while organizations considered source control a good practice, forgoing it wouldn’t have constituted lunacy the way it does today. As a result of the.

What are PowerShell Commands? Understanding PowerShell’s Cmdlets with Code Examples, Tutorials, and More

April 19, 2017Definition of PowerShell PowerShell is the shell framework developed by Microsoft for administration tasks such as configuration management and automation of repetitive jobs. The term ‘PowerShell’ refers to both – the shell used to execute commands and the scripting language that goes along with the framework. The scripting aspect of it is similar to Perl programming. The shell is.

What is SQL Server Express? Definition, Benefits, and Limitations of SQL Server Express

April 19, 2017If you use SQL in your work, you have several options available, ranging from enterprise options to the free SQL Server Express. Monitoring SQL queries are just one of the many things you can monitor with Prefix, so today we thought we’d take a closer look at how SQL Server Express stacks up to the more advanced, paid options,.