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What is Visual Studio Team Services? A Look at Its Features, Uses, Tutorials and More

July 14, 2017At Stackify, we’re big fans of tools that make developers’ lives simpler, and one such tool is Visual Studio Online, which is now known as Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), an extension of the Visual Studio architecture that covers development teams. It has special tools and roles for software developers, testers, and specialists. These include tools for collaboration, reporting, development, and measurement. ... Read More

What Is Application Performance Monitoring and Why It Is Not Application Performance Management

July 13, 2017Over recent years, the term APM has become increasingly used by lots of vendors and tools. Some refer to it as Application Performance Monitoring and some as Application Performance Management. But what is the difference? As the founder of a company who creates these types of tools, I definitely have some opinions on Application Performance Monitoring vs Application Performance Management. ... Read More

Announcing: Retrace for Azure Functions preview

July 11, 2017Have you had a chance yet to play with Azure Functions?  Here at Stackify, we’re pretty excited about this capability on Azure and the promise that it holds for building rapidly scale-able event-based processing with little to no management overhead! We’ve also heard from a lot of you asking when Retrace would be able to support this new serverless architecture. ... Read More

Top Java Tools: 63 Tools to Power Every Phase of Java Development

July 11, 2017Many know Java as one of the simplest, but most powerful (not to mention sought-after) programming languages used by web developers. There are others who see it in the opposite light, saying that Java is a hard and more complex programming language. In order to execute your Java coding more effectively, there are a handful of Java tools that web ... Read More
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