Prefix the Bugs in Your Code

Understand what your code is doing and find bugs you didn’t even know existed.

Prefix supports .NET & Java applications running on Windows.

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Prefix is used by 20,000 developers in over 140 countries!

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Detailed trace of every web request

Requires no config or code changes

Runs fast and is always ready

Jonathan Ochs, Bender of Bits, Tamer of Circuits

"Stackify Prefix is like getting a new prescription for glasses. I feel like I see everything #DevNirvana"

@sickwflu Bender of Bits, Tamer of Circuits

Prefix is not your standard code profiler

Understand why Prefix is different.

Prefix web request profiler

Captures detailed code-level traces of each web request.

Prefix Code Profiler Trace Return

Prefix is designed to be used every day.

Standard code profiler

Provides method and line level performance reporting.

Standard Code Profiler

Typically used only when CPU usage is high.

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Find a bug, you're a hero!

Use Prefix every day while you are writing and testing your code.

  • Validate the behavior of your code
  • Find hidden exceptions in your code
  • Identify slow SQL queries and N+1 problems
  • Review the performance of your code
you found the bug!

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Feature Highlights

View Your Logs by Request

Stop sorting through messy log files. See the exact log messages for a single web request.

Find Hidden Exceptions

Prefix can instantly show you all the exceptions hidden in your code.

Quickly Spot Suspicious Behaviors

People see things with Prefix they never expected. Why does that web request do 38 database calls?

View SQL Queries

Including SQL parameters, affected records and how long it took to download the result set.

Charles Bryant - Twitter

"Prefix helped us find sneaky performance issues within 5 minutes of getting things up and running. #awesomesauce"

Charles Bryant, Software Engineer

Can I use Prefix?

Prefix is designed for developers who are developing ASP.NET or Java web applications.

  • .NET or Java
  • Web Applications
  • Windows desktop
  • Servers
  • GUI applications
  • macOS

Note: Prefix currently only works on Windows. We plan to support macOS in the future, but it is not currently available.

Prefix is perfect to run on your second monitor!

Prefix is perfect for a second monitor

Want Even More? Get Prefix Premium.

Prefix Premium provides some additional features over the free version.

  • Code improvement suggestions
  • Profile custom methods in your code
  • Save and load old traces
  • View traces on remote servers that have Retrace installed
  • Compare performance to servers in production

Prefix Premium can be used with some console or background services. It works well for Windows Services or daemons that are self hosted web applications, job schedulers, process messages off a queue, and other scenarios with defined recurring transactions.

It also includes a FREE license of Retrace for your pre-production servers.

Prefix vs Retrace

Not sure what the differences are between Prefix and Retrace? No problem!


For your workstation – free!

Lightweight web request profiler

  • Used during development
  • View details of individual web requests
Retrace Logo

For your servers – $50 month per server

Developer friendly APM

  • Used in QA and production environments
  • Centralized logging & error tracking
  • Comprehensive application monitoring
  • Application & server metrics

Ultimately, you need both!
Prefix while writing your code, and Retrace in QA and production.