Prefix is a Must-Have Tool for Code Diagnostics​

Prefix is a powerful, but lightweight developer tool that displays
application data on your workstation while you code.

Logs + Errors + Queries + Much More…

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Detailed Trace of Every Web Request


Requires No Config or Code Changes


Runs Fast and is Always Ready

Prefix is a powerful, lightweight code profiler:

  • Hidden error identification
  • Integrated log statements
  • Client-side JavaScript performance 
  • Performance & usage insights of SQL queries, web service calls, caching, queuing, and more!

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Immediate Download. Instant Code Insights.

Prefix shows developers and their teams what their code is doing and why.

View Your Logs by Request

Stop sorting through messy log files. See the exact log messages for a single web request.

Find Hidden Exceptions

Prefix can instantly show you all the exceptions hidden in your code.

Quickly Spot Suspicious Behaviors

People see things with Prefix they never expected. Why does that web request do 38 database calls?

View SQL Queries

Including SQL parameters, affected records and how long it took to download the result set.

Want More?!

Expand Prefix’s Capability and Visibility

Prefix Premium adds powerful functionality and the ability to deploy with greater confidence.



Prefix Free includes:

Performance and usage insights of SQL queries, web service calls, caching, queuing, and much more!

Hidden app error identification

Log statements Client-side

JavaScript performance


QA, Test, Staging

Prefix Premium adds:

Trace and comparison views of app performance in remote environments like QA & production

Smart suggestions to track any method in your code

Code-level performance tracking

Performance reporting & dashboards

Server & application metrics

Log searching & monitoring

Error tracking & monitoring

Alerts & notifications

Out of the box compatibility with ASP.NET and Java apps, as well as loads of third party libraries. When you tie Retrace to Prefix, you bridge critical gaps and cover the entire development life cycle.

Prefix Premium is only $15/month. Includes 1 workstation + 1 pre-prod server (Retrace)

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