Lightweight dev tool shows you real-time logs, errors, queries & more, right on your workstation!

Prefix is free.

Runs fast and

is always ready

Detailed trace of

every web request

You may have a profiler, but do you have a Prefix?

No messy config or

code changes

Prefix isn’t a standard code profiler. It displays details per web request so you can understand what your code is doing and how long it takes (i.e. “what did my code just do?”).

Thousands of developers in over a hundred countries are rocking Prefix. Are you?

Why wouldn't you? It's amazing and it's free.

Prefix comes in two power levels:




/ month


/ forever

Prefix Free

Prefix Premium

Prefix is the workstation component of Stackify's code lifecycle toolbox for developers.

Customize Prefix’s profiler to track any method from your code or third party library. Track down slow methods.

[ Prefix Premium Only ]

Trace transactions across servers

Smart suggestions

View what your code is doing on remote servers in real time! Requires Retrace on the servers.

Prefix will warn you if your code is running the same SQL query multiple times, not closing a SQL connection and more.

Instantly compare performance stats from QA & Prod to your local request. One click to compare all details in Retrace.

Track any method in your code

Compare performance








Learn more about supported frameworks for:


Prefix works out of the box with your stack




No one will ever know these devs make mistakes. That's genius squared!

There's code profiling—and then there's reality

How to Measure Real World SQL Performance

Understanding Performance for Reading Incoming Data

Optimizing APM solutions for low overhead makes it safe for them to run on production servers. Retrace is optimized in a major way.

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