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Continuous Application Improvement For DevOps

Stackify is a favorite among DevOps teams that have a goal to ship more software and spend less time fixing production issues.

Move Beyond Pass/Fail Testing

Retrace finds hidden issues like code bottlenecks, new and regressed errors, and slow dependencies before they hit production.

Shorten Time to Delivery

Retrace pinpoints issues earlier in the process (from QA to Prod) and gives your team the details they need to make the fix.

Simplify Your Automation Chain

Retrace gives you deployment tracking comprehensive monitoring, logging, and support across your entire automation stack.

A Continuous Feedback Loop

CAI goes beyond functional testing to help DevOps catch problems before production.
DevOps teams adopting a CAI process proactively improve applications and pass requirements over to product management to inform the planning stage directly from production.

Automate away the mundane. Become a DevOps master.

Continuous Application Improvement hinges on DevOps ability to find the balance between automation and analysis. With Retrace’s automated alerts and automated notifications, much of day-to-day maintenance and management becomes a truly hands-off process. This leaves time to focus on the more complex issues whether those be integrations testingdeployment tracking, or preventing server crashes.

We know why your deployment bombed

Our DevOps users tend to be pretty big fans of our deployment tracking. Deployment Tracking shows you exactly when deployments happened, where they happened, and how they affected application performance. Timelines in Retrace include visuals to indicate when deployments happen in context to the data shown. Click through to see more detailed information and insight to help eliminate blame games and improve applications.

System health without the rabbit holes

Proactively monitoring and improving your applications shouldn’t be an endless journey from one rabbit hole to the next. Use custom dashboards in Retrace to create a personalized single-pane view of the reports that are important to you. Retrace App Score is one of our favorite reports. With App Score each application and environment combination is represented with a color-coded letter grade.

TLDR; our traces are the best in the game

System stability starts and ends with better code. Retrace was built to give developers increased visibility into the performance of their code in testing and production environments. Retrace integrates errors and logs for more detailed trace views. With this level of detail, developers take more involvement in identifying the root cause of performance issues before production and DevOps has fewer headaches.

Works with your stack

Retrace works out of the box with popular programming languages, containers, and cloud providers. View our complete list of supported integrations.

What our customers are saying

Usually, within 5-10 minutes, we know what’s happening. It’s made our DevOps team so fast. Without Retrace, we would likely have a lot more development time to try and figure out what a client is talking about. There would be very little, if any, data for us to look at. Zach Calmus Co-Founder I MyRacePass

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