Retrace is a Game Changer for Dev Team Deployments

Retrace gives developer teams visibility to critical application performance and behavior data so they can deploy better applications faster.

Profiling + Metrics + Errors + Logs + App & Server Monitoring

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Easy to Install & Use

Mastering deployment of cloud applications is simple and affordable with Retrace.
It’s easy to set up, quick to learn, and ready to scale with your needs.

Why Is APM Essential?
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More Features, Less Cost

Get to solutions faster with
combed APM, logs, errors
& monitoring across
environments. The most
bang for your buck with no
annual commitment.

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Deeper Insights, One Tool

By aggregating code-level
insights, Retrace gives you
more information about
what your code is doing and
why, no matter where the
application is running.

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PC Mag 1

“The company touts its product as ‘built for developers by developers’ and it shows. I found its deep application insight and exceptional data presentation for APM so impressive that it merits our Editors’ Choice award in the APM category.”
Paul Ferrill, PCMag

Top Development Teams Rely on Retrace

“We originally started with the free version of Prefix. Once we enabled Retrace, we combined the tools and started relying on them much heavier than we had before. We loved the monitoring feature in production! You can’t go wrong with real-time logs and analytics on your apps.”
Brad Nagel
Damascus Edge
“Retrace and Prefix have ensured that performance is an integral part of our development process.

“Since using Stackify, the silence from end users about performance problems has been deafening.”
Grant Castner
PD Training
“Until Stackify, there was no one tool to do monitoring, performance dashboards, log aggregation, APM and more. Stackify provides all of this functionality out of the box, in one package, and provides you the actionable insights necessary to target problems when and where they happen.”
Jake Dubin

Start seeing immediate code performance and behavior insights in QA, staging, production or all of the above!

Set up your free trial in 3 simple steps:

  1. Create a login.
  2. Follow simple instructions to set up Retrace.
  3. See app performance insights in minutes!

After your trial ends, pre-production servers are only $10/month. Production servers start at $25/month.

Retrace supports ASP.NET and Java Applications

Everything Your .NET or Java Team Needs — A Fraction of the Cost

Where will Retrace run?

Your developer team saves more than just money with Stackify:

  1. Save your sanity
  2. Save your jobs

Here’s how:
Prefix: View logs by request, find hidden exceptions, view SQL queries and more—real time—from a beautiful, browser-based UI.
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Retrace (Pre) + Retrace (Prod): Perfect your team’s ability to deploy high performance applications at the speed of Agile.
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Stackify bills for actual data usage per production server per hour.
This is only an estimated monthly cost.

Tired of Chasing Bugs in the Dark?

Retrace combines several tools that are critical to every developer team.


Application Performance Management (APM)

Retrace collects and analyzes performance data about your application at the code level. Quickly identify why your application is slow, how you can improve performance, and more. Retrace provides best-in-class monitoring capabilities that will make your dev team look like heroes.

Learn more about Retrace APM features


Application & Server Logging

Application and server logs are the eyes and ears of developers when they need to troubleshoot tricky application problems. Retrace is the only log management experience that fully integrates application logs and errors together in one place.

Learn more about log management with Retrace


Error Tracking & Monitoring

Retrace can track errors in multiple ways. When using our full APM with code profiling, Retrace can collect exceptions directly from .NET or Java, without the need for any code changes! Retrace also accepts any errors reported directly from your code via your logging libraries.

Learn more about Retrace error monitoring


Server, Application, & Custom Metrics

Application metrics can come from a wide variety of sources and viewing all of them from one place has long been a problem. Retrace solves this problem by providing comprehensive application monitoring from all your data sources in one place.

Learn more about Retrace app metrics

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