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Mastering app performance in the cloud is easiest and most affordable with Retrace. It’s easy to install and ready to scale with your needs.

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Designed for Dev Teams

Get much more with Retrace by combining APM, logs, errors, monitoring, and metrics into one tool. for both QA and production environments.

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Deeper Code Insights

Lots of data isn’t helpful, you need to know ‘why’ in order to fix issues fast. Retrace gives you more, like which cache key is being used, names of queues, etc.

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Retrace is a Fully Integrated, Multi-environment, App Performance Super-power

Starting at just $10/server/month, any team can afford to use it in pre-prod, production, at scale, whatever!

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Compatible with ASP.NET & Java web applications.

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Retrace is SaaS-based and affordable for pre-prod and production servers.

Retrace starts at only:

  • $10/mo

    QA/Pre-prod Servers

  • $25-$50/mo

    Production Servers

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Tired of chasing bugs in the dark?

Retrace your code to find bugs and improve performance
Retrace combines several tools every development team needs:

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Application Performance Management (APM)

Retrace collects performance data about your application at the code level. Quickly identify why your application is slow, how to improve performance and much more. Retrace provides a wide array of insights and monitoring capabilities for developers.

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Application & Server Logging

Application and server logs are typically the eyes and ears for developers when it comes to troubleshooting application problems. Retrace provides developers a unique log management experience by fully integrating application logs and errors together.

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Error Tracking & Monitoring

Retrace can collect errors in multiple ways. When using our full APM with code profiling, we are able to collect exceptions directly from .NET or Java, without any code changes! Retrace also accepts any errors reported directly from your code via your logging libraries.

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Server, Application & Custom Metrics

Application metrics are available from a wide variety of sources and viewing all of them from one place has long been a problem. Retrace solves this problem by providing comprehensive application monitoring.

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Retrace works out of the box with your stack


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“Retrace helped us avoid some disastrous downtime by alerting us to disk getting full problems, hot CPU, and memory usage. We were able to 1) do some quick work to keep the servers running and 2) find the problems in our app that led to the situation in the first place.”Steven Roberts, Team Lead/Architect, goPMO
Capterra - 4.5 / 5 stars (44 total reviews)

Unlike other tools on the market, Retrace provides a simple and holistic experience for developer teams by combining APM, errors, logs, metrics, and monitoring into one, affordable tool.

Retrace Release Notes

Release Overview

Release Date: 9/18/2017

  • Notable Feature: APM for Azure WebJobs
  • Azure WebJob Discovery – continuous discovery of Azure WebJobs
  • Azure WebJob APM – full support of Azure WebJobs
  • Moving away from tracking at the domain level and starting to track the complete tokenized URL for APM
  • APM profiling for Azure Cosmos / DocumentDB – does not include query details
  • Keeping fewer profile debug files

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