Requirements & Technical Competencies


Full Stack .Net Developer - Platform Team

Do you enjoy the challenges of dealing with massive amounts of data? Are you passionate about leveraging cloud resources to build highly scalable solutions?

Stackify is a leader in .Net and Java Saas-based APM tools.

For this role, you will be contributing to Stackify’s core platform which receives terabytes of data from our clients daily; and for the Retrace web portal, used by our clients to track down application performance issues.

  • .Net (C#). 
  • ASP.Net MVC. 
  • Windows Services / Azure Worker Roles (preferred).
  • Azure Cloud Services (preferred)
  • Asynchronous programming patterns (preferred)
  • Queue based messaging (MSMQ, Azure Service Bus, RabbitMQ etc)
  • REST / SOAP Services
  • jQuery
  • Knockout.js (or similar framework)
  • SQL
  • SQL Azure (preferred


You pride yourself on clean and reusable code patterns, and always writing the proper unit tests, and hand off your work in a state that has been thoroughly tested and self-reviewed for best practices.


You hold yourself personally accountable for your own work, staking your own time, effort, and reputation on a high-value outcome for the organization. You are proactive in the care & feeding and warranty of the technical initiatives in your area of responsibility, without shying away from contributing to needs in any facet of the company. 

Outcome Oriented:

Results matter to you, “busy work” doesn’t. You stay on-goal, on-task, and avoid “scope creep” and unnecessary “over-building” of code.

Consummate Technician:

You are a deep technical expert in a few key areas of focus, and you have a strong desire to constantly learn and develop new skill sets.

Deliverables & Expectations

Core Qualities

  • Coding tasks are completed on time, with a low defect rate
  • You will contribute to accurate forecasting and estimation of tasks prioritized by the Principal Engineer.
  • Your code will adhere to organizational standards set for security, performance, and scale; and follow best practices and patterns as set by the development team.
  • Ensure that accurate progress of your assigned work is reflected via the proper channels, including issue tracking tools & daily "stand up" meetings.
  • Experience with - and enthusiasm for - technology 
  • Moderate experience with both Windows and Linux platforms 
  • Programming experience (any modern languages are OK)
  • A curious mind and interest in learning new technologies 
  • Strong communication skills - both written and oral
  • Strong problem-solving skills 


Ideal Skills and Background:

As a Developer Support Specialist, you will have an opportunity to assist technology professionals around the world as they use the Stackify application support platform to save time and money supporting their critical production applications. 

In the process, you will learn a great deal about a wide variety of technology platforms, programming languages, operating systems, hosting environments, and tools of the programming and hosting trade. You will also be surrounded by software industry veterans and professionals who will help you grow your knowledge and your career. 

Bring your curiosity, your eagerness to learn and grow, and your service-oriented attitude. We’ll provide a fun and laid-back workplace, interesting challenges, opportunity for growth and professional development, and involvement with a groundbreaking product that will shape the future of production application problem-solving.

Developer Support Specialist

  • Provide front-line support to questions regarding product installation and use. 
  • Write how-to documentation for key features of the application to guide users to success and to support new feature and product launches.
  • Provide proactive support and foster community within the support forum.
  • Work closely with Quality Assurance to assist in researching support issues to determine root cause and next steps.
  • Configure, support, and expand demo environments and other assets critical to sales, marketing, and support. 
  • Build, deploy, and manage sample software applications in a variety of programming languages that illustrate key features and benefits of the Stackify platform. 

Key Responsibilities: