Full Stack .NET Monitoring

Monitor everything about your ASP.NET web applications with one tool
dotnet webaps plus windows services

ASP.NET + Windows Services

In depth performance monitoring for ASP.NET & Windows Services. Including MVC, Web API, WCF & WebForms.

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.NET Core Support

Full support for the new Core CLR and full .NET Framework apps running on Windows.

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Support for async/await

Retrace is the only solution on the market with full support for asynchronous .NET applications.

Complete .NET Monitoring in One Tool

Retrace goes beyond APM to give developers all the tools they need in one easy to use solution

How Retrace for .NET Works

Retrace uses lightweight .NET CLR profiling to automatically track key methods in your code. Detailed performance data helps you understand how your code is performing and how to improve it.

  • Low application overhead
  • Safe for production usage
  • SaaS based solution

Our monitoring agent is installed on each of your servers or containers. Please review our docs to learn more.

Automatic Instrumentation for Your .NET Stack

Retrace automatically instruments dozens of common .NET frameworks and application dependencies.

Azure Services
AWS Services
External HTTP
Designed for the Cloud

Retrace is designed to work well with cloud based workloads that automatically scale up and down. Multiple cloud deployment options are supported.

  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • Azure App & Cloud Services
  • Azure Functions (App Service mode only)
  • Virtual Machines
  • Containers

Retrace also works with any physical server or virtual machine. 

Retrace Feature Highlights

.NET Performance Monitoring

Quickly identify which part of your application stack is the bottleneck and which web requests are being affected.

  • Slow application dependencies
  • Slow SQL queries
  • Slow web requests
  • Top application errors
Retrace Your Code with Lightweight Code Profiling

Retrace uses lightweight profiling to capture critical details about what your code is doing. Get deep, code-level insights into your application’s health. We call it Retrace because you can literally retrace what your code is doing!

  • Key methods in common libraries
  • SQL queries
  • External HTTP calls
  • Exceptions
  • Log messages
  • ... and much more
View Your .NET Logs from Anywhere

Sending your logs to Retrace is easy with log4net, NLog, Serilog or our nuget package.

  • Integrated error & web request profiling traces
  • Support for log tags & structured logging
  • IIS logs
  • Log monitoring
Find Every Exception in Your Code

Quickly find exceptions in your code before your customers do. Our .NET CLR profiler can even collect all first chance exceptions thrown in your code.

Sending your logs is easy via log4net, NLog, Serilog or our nuget package.

  • Get alerted about new and regressed errors
  • View related logging to an exception
  • Identify unique exceptions
  • Monitor exception rates
Metrics & Performance Counters

Monitor everything about your servers and applications in one place. Retrace includes powerful monitoring capabilities.

Retrace automatically monitors several important Windows Performance Counters.

  • Charting, alerts, & notifications
  • Server monitoring
  • Windows performance counters
  • Custom application metrics via Stackify SDKs
  • Error rates

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