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Application Performance, Errors, Logs & Traces, All in One Platform.

Find and fix application errors in minutes. Squash bugs for good. Try Retrace for 14 days*, monitor as many servers as you want, and add unlimited users. No credit card required.

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Get all the benefits of Retrace:

  • Code-level tracing
  • Comprehensive error tracking
  • Critical metrics monitoring with fully integrated alerts
  • Centralized app & server logs with drill down & search capabilities
  • Role-based dashboards with automated alerts, notifications & reports
  • Custom Retrace App Scoring
  • Automated deployment tracking
  • Built-in Apdex user satisfaction scoring

After your 14-day FREE trial*, keep your users happy and team efficiency improving for as little as $9.99/month.

*14-day Retrace trials only for accounts created using business email addresses. All Retrace trial accounts created using email addresses from free providers (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, iCloud, etc.) will receive 7-day access.