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Full Lifecycle Application Performance Monitoring

Retrace application performance monitoring (APM) gives you end-to-end visibility, presenting critical metrics that help you eliminate errors, optimize performance bottlenecks and continuously improve the user experience. Drive application performance to the max with an APM solution built for Devs AND Ops.

Get More than Basic APM

Full lifecycle APM extends the value or your apps, integrating code profiling, error tracking, application logs, deployment tracking and more.

Improve Your Code

Detailed, code-level traces help you quickly troubleshoot problems with actionable insights for optimizing application performance while preventing bugs

Deep Performance Insights

Know exactly what your code is doing with critical metrics that help you improve functionality and the end-user experience.

Improve user satisfaction

Role-based dashboards present user-defined metrics and simplify how you maximize application performance. Apdex scores combined with Netreo’s App Score performance metrics correlate your app’s performance to user satisfaction. The right actionable insights equip your IT team to ensure user satisfaction remains the highest it can be.

  • Proprietary App Scores measure satisfaction, performance, error and server metrics for trailing 7 days
  • App Score letter grades quickly reveal user satisfaction ratings and areas for improvement
  • Apdex score reports provide additional user satisfaction insights

Actionable insights in customizable formats

Quickly identify where adjustments are needed to optimize each operation. Retrace presents key metrics in standard reporting formats or custom dashboards, so you get answers, not just data, how you want them and when you need them.

  • Top web requests
  • Slow web requests
  • SQL query performance
  • Advanced reporting
  • Custom dashboards

Track deployments and confirm improvements

Verify modifications deliver the results you expect, every time you update your apps. Retrace deployment tracking validates performance improvements, reductions in error rates and more, from each deployment to the next.

  • Directly attribute changes in application performance to specific deployments
  • Deployment markers expedite troubleshooting with actionable insights
  • Quickly see exactly when, where and how deployments impact the user experience
  • Automate deployment tracking with integrations to your CI/CD tool of choice

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Retrace’s APM lets us monitor this and focus our development efforts where it matters most.


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