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Retrace’s capability to set multiple monitoring thresholds, send and escalate alerts, and create notification groups provides an unparalleled ability to monitor your applications.


Easily create custom dashboards to track what's important

Smart Defaults

Not sure what to monitor? No problem! Retrace has smart defaults

Scales With You

Retrace can monitor apps that scale up and down with ease

Individualize Your Data

Choose the exact ingredients you want and skip over the rest. Create and share individualized app dashboards with specific people or across your entire team. Monitor application performance trends, errors/logs, alerts, and more.

Clickable insights for better results

Quickly switch from big picture monitoring to in-the-weeds error identification. Adjust widget settings to align dashboards with different perspectives across departments.

Grade A performance monitoring

Kind of like a report card for your application, app scoring provides insight into whether an app belongs on the honor roll, or is at risk of flunking out. App score represents an objective measurement and provides at-a-glance feedback of application quality and health.

Automatic server monitoring

Retrace automatically monitors each of your Windows & Linux servers. You can even configure monitoring templates for your servers.

  • Server uptime
  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Network utilization
  • Disk space & utilization

What our customers are saying

My CEO loves that the dev team doesn’t have to do much digging to start fixing issues. Retrace has become my go-to portal for service health. Retrace allows us to get the business prepared for incoming support calls before they occur. Daniel Taylor CTO I Starkwood Media

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