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Essential Guide to .NET Profiling free ebook

What are profilers? Which is the best? The Guide to .NET Profilers details what you need to know. 

Application too slow? Troubleshooting taking forever? Developers at your heels? Looks like its time to save yourself with an Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tool. This eBook can guide you through the decision to get the right one. 


Code level performance metrics, azure monitoring, structured logging and more. Download our free guide and get all the answers around .NET monitoring.

DevOps Designing eBook

Understand the implications for security, code visibility, and team culture for DevOps Teams. Download our free guide to help in designing for DevOps.

Essential .NET Core free guide

Methods for optimizing web apps in Azure, logging, deploying to IIS, and more. Here’s your Essential Guide to .NET Core. Download our free guide and get all the answers around .NET Core.


Logging is a crucial part of any application for both debugging and audit purposes. Read about best practices and find how-to guides in our ebook. 

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