Case Studies

Sporting Goods E-Commerce Retailer Picks Up Its Game With Retrace

Newitts & Co.’s outside development team suspected the e-commerce retailer was missing out on revenue due to application performance issues. Learn how the company is now using Retrace to proactively pinpoint and fix problems at the source before it becomes an issue for their customers. 

Switching to Retrace APM Saves Carbonite's Development Team Valuable Time

Carbonite was looking for a tool to provide detailed log and error information in order to quickly and easily resolve application issues. Since signing up for Retrace, Carbonite has saved countless hours by streamlining their issue resolution process into one tool.

Retrace Drives Efficiency and ROI for Boston Software

Boston Software was long overdue for an affordable, reliable APM solution that could provide deep and credible insight into the behavior of its services. They have utilized Retrace to improve their troubleshooting process and ensure their products are meeting performance goals.

Children International Fights Poverty with Help from Retrace

Kevin Altis, The Director of Application Services for Children International, discovered their app was doing something that at first seemed harmless. Retrace revealed core application problems and helped the development team improve app performance. 

Starkwood Media and Retrace: Logging and Exception Management and Proactive Customer Support

Daniel Taylor, the CTO of Starkwood Media, was seeking one product that could serve as an APM solution as well as provide logs and errors. Read how Retrace provided higher customer satisfaction and increased efficiency for the Starkwood development team. 

Using Stackify, Fewzion identifies application performance issues earlier and solves them faster

Before implementing Retrace, if a software error came up the team at Fewzion would have to dig through log files on their own servers and their client’s servers in order to find and fix that error. Retrace became an all in one solution that provided logs and error monitoring.