Retrace - Application Performance Management

Application Performance Management Solution with Retrace Code Profiling

If your application is important, the performance of it is important.

Application Performance Management (APM) solutions, like Retrace, are designed to help you track and optimize the performance of your applications. Retrace is designed to help you understand why transactions in your application are slow or failing, as fast as possible.

Why You Need APM & Code Profiling on Your Servers

One of the key components of Retrace is it’s .NET and Java code profiling. A lightweight profiler collects key methods in your code, without slowing it down, to collect key application performance details. Profiling enables collecting some types of data this is not usually available any other way.

Types of details collected via profiling:

  • How long web requests take
  • Application errors
  • Track usage of services like SQL, NoSQL, queuing, caching, etc
  • What SQL queries were executed
  • Track HTTP calls to external web services
  • Other contextual information

Code profiling can provide a lot of useful data about what your application is doing and how long it takes. Retrace also collects server and application metrics, as well as logging data. Retrace collects all of this data and makes it easy for to developers to access and understand.


Retrace Application Performance Management Features

Manage All of Your Applications

If you have a few applications and lots of servers, even knowing where your applications are can be a problem. Retrace makes it easy to understand where all of your applications are deployed and the health of them.

Retrace automatically discovers all of your web and background service applications. You can organize them by environment (dev, QA, prod) and control who has access to see them and all of Retrace’s APM data.

Automatically Supports Your Stack

Retrace is designed to be easy to install and use. Part of that is automatic instrumentation of all popular application frameworks, dependencies, and common services.

  • .NET & Java various frameworks
  • Multiple SQL databases
  • NoSQL – Mongodb, elasticsearch
  • Caching – Redis, memcached, etc
  • Azure & AWS libraries

See complete list in our docs: .NET or Java

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Find the Slowest Part of Your Stack

Retrace automatically instruments your application and tracks usage of dozens of common frameworks and dependencies. Including things like SQL, MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, and much more.

Retrace makes it easy to quickly identify why your application is having performance problems. Quickly answer these types of questions:

  • Is a certain SQL statement slow you down?
  • Is redis slower all of a sudden?
  • Specific HTTP web service down or slow?


Top Web Requests

Built-in dashboards make it easy to quickly identify which web requests or transactions, are happening the most and take the most amount of time.

Retrace also supports advanced reporting features that makes it easy to review the performance of every request, not just the top 5.


Advanced Performance Reporting

Retrace collects a lot of great details about your application stack and which parts of it impact your performance.

Retrace makes it easy to identify which web requests are impacted the most by SQL, Elasticsearch or other dependencies. In addition, you can see several other key performance metrics:

  • Method – GET vs POST
  • # of requests
  • % total time
  • Avg time
  • Satisfaction score
  • % Failed

Code Level Performance Tracing

Retrace collects an amazing amount of details about what is happening at the code level within your application. It is a goldmine for developers who are trying to troubleshoot bugs and look for ways to optimize their code.

  • Web request length and context details
  • SQL queries
  • Log statements and exceptions
  • Interaction with dozens of dependencies like NoSQL, caching, etc
  • External HTTP web service calls

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Application monitoring trace

Transaction Trace

SQL Query Performance Reporting

Quickly see your top SQL queries based on # of executions or percentage of total time that they take up. Retrace uniquely identifies every SQL query you execute, give you very detailed reporting.

Retrace can even show you which transactions in your application are calling that SQL statement.


View Application Errors

Since Retrace can collect data as a code profiler, it also has visibility to exceptions that occur in your code. You can also send exceptions to Retrace from your favorite logging framework like log4net, NLog, logback, log4j, etc.

Robust error tracking and monitoring is included as part of Retrace.

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Integrated Log Searching

Retrace tightly integrated log data in to the APM experience. Within captured code level transaction traces you can see key methods in your code that were called along with your valuable logging.

Robust log management capabilities are included with Retrace.

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Customizable Method Level Profiling

By default, Retrace automatically instruments common application frameworks and dependencies. Including common libraries for SQL databases, NoSQL, caching, queuing and more.

Retrace also provides functionality to customize what methods are tracked. You can track additional methods in your code or a 3rd party library.

Learn more in our docs: .NET or Java

	"Class": "MyNamespace.MyClass",
	"Method": "MyMethod"
	"Class": "MyNamespace.MyClass2",
	"Method": "MyMethod"

Track Performance of Key “Functions”

Sometimes you may want to track performance within a specific web request or transaction at a more granular level. For example, more detailed tracking around how often a specific block of code takes.

For example, at Stackify, we use this to track how long each of our unique Elasticsearch queries take. It is extensible to be used for anything!

Learn more in our docs: .NET or Java

Monitor Performance of Your App & Key Transactions

Retrace makes it easy to monitor the performance of your application as a whole, or key transactions that are mission critical. We recommend identifying the top web requests, transactions, and SQL queries in your application and monitoring them at all times.


Designed for the Cloud & Auto-Scaling

Retrace is easy to install and works perfectly in cloud based apps. If your app scales up and down, Retrace knows how to roll with the changes.

Check out our docs on how to use Retrace with these deployments: