New Relic Alternatives

New Relic alternatives… and why developers pick Retrace instead

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  New Relic is one of the industry leaders for SaaS based application performance management. There are now at least 15-25 New Relic alternatives for APM tools in general. Probably about half of those alternatives are available as SaaS APM. New Relic pricing forcing you to look for alternatives? We talk to companies every day that are currently using New …


Essential developer tools to find bugs… before they get to production

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Developers love tools, and they tend to use a lot of them. Many of them are such a normal part of our daily lives and toolchain that we don’t even think of them as tools anymore. Your computer, the Internet, a simple text editor, and source code repositories are a good example of this. They are just fundamental things we …


APM pricing is now affordable for all developers, and why they should care

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APM Pricing has been historically out of control… One of the reasons I founded Stackify was because my developers didn’t have the tools they needed. The tools were designed for IT operations, the data my team needed was spread across too many different tools, and the pricing was very expensive. Sadly, several years later, not much has changed in the …


Is Java Getting Hotter?

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Feature Image by ©2016-2017 kevron2001 Stackify’s not just a .NET shop. Some of our favorite happenings of 2016 included the expanded Java support around our key developer tools—Prefix and Retrace. Is Java getting hotter? Is sure is over here. In fact you can download Prefix for free and try Retrace free for 14-days! (Get some Java specific Prefix docs here, and …


Case Study: Carbonite and Stackify’s Retrace

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”We turned on APM+ and within a couple of minutes were able to identify the issue and a few hours later push out a fix.” [embedyt][/embedyt] Who is Carbonite? Carbonite is a leading provider in backup recovery and archiving solutions for small businesses and home users. We fuel continuity by providing powerful yet simple tools to help keep businesses …


What’s new for Retrace v4 for .NET

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After months of hard work, we are excited to be releasing v4.0 of our .NET agent. The last major update v3.0, came out 6 months ago. This release has several major changes you should be aware of plus some exciting new features. Speed, baby, speed! Most importantly, we have spent many days doing nothing but optimizing the performance overhead of …

What is code profiling? Learn the 3 Types of Code Profilers

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  For those of you do do not know a lot about Stackify, we do a lot of things around application performance and have actually written a couple profilers ourselves. We know a lot about code profiling for .NET ans Java. Today I want to talk about the three different types of profilers and describe the differences between them and …


Case Study: Ticket Solutions and Stackify’s Retrace

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[embedyt][/embedyt] Who are Ticket Solutions & VeriShip? Ticket Solutions, for over 17 years, has specialized in finding premium seating to any sport, concert, or theatre event worldwide. The company prides itself in providing unrivaled service to their customers. VeriShip, established in 2006, is the leader in small parcel auditing, analytics, reporting and technology solutions. Their solutions are distributed in …


Case Study: ABPathfinder and Stackify’s Retrace

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[embedyt][/embedyt] Who is ABPathfinder? ABPathfinder develops special education and therapy management solutions that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of special education and autism therapy programs. The cloud-based platform provides tools which aid therapists and para-professionals to build treatment plans, log data and track progress for multiple students simultaneously. In return educators can maximize their time and effort to invest …