Monitoring. Errors. Logs. One tool.

Everything developers need to support their apps

One Integrated Platform for Dev & Ops

Find and fix application problems fast with one simple to use platform.


One integrated monitoring solution for servers, app performance, and app metrics.
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Monitor the key metrics and performance indicators that are relevant to your application and business.
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Aggregate all of your application errors and receive alerts when a new error or high error rates occur.
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View all of your application logs together so developers can troubleshoot application problems quickly.
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All your app errors, logs and metrics in one platform

  • Developer friendly
  • Find problems quickly
  • Error details and alerts
  • Log viewer designed for developers
  • App performance and usage metrics


Give developers the app insights they need

  • Monitor apps & servers in one platform
  • Quickly identify root cause
  • SaaS solution is easy to setup and use
  • Stop supporting multiple monitoring products


Integrated tools significantly reduce response times

  • Create Dev & Ops collaboration
  • Singe pane of glass for app health
  • Know your users' satisfaction
  • Improve app stability & release more often
  • Secure developer access

Supported technologies:

  • Android
  • Apache
  • Amazon Web Services
  • CentOS
  • Debian
  • Linux
  • Rackspace
  • Redhat
  • Tomcat
  • Ubuntu
  • VMWare
  • Windows

No more separate tools. Monitor, detect and resolve, all-in-one.


"We use we use Stackify to help monitor our production environment and ensure our uptime and application performance. The Application Dashboard helps us understand our customer experience and the overall application health and fix whatever has the biggest affect on our customers"
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"Stackify connects the application and server performance to our customers, we can now offer better support and faster issue resolution."
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Smarter Errors & Logs for PHP

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