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New developer eMag 

New Dev Vid!!

Devs and bugs and Leeroy Jenkins. It's not pretty but it's funny (actually it's pretty too).

Powerful code profiling for your dev box


APM for QA & prod servers

Prefix provides an instant feedback loop to see what your code is doing. Find and fix bugs before they get deployed. Oh yeah, and it's free!

The first APM designed for developers. Deep code level performance combined with app metrics, errors, logs and more. Starts at $10/mo.

Stackify has two game-changing, code performance products no developer or dev team should ever be without:


The real kicker is this: When you use Prefix + Retrace, you can track your app's performance, analyze it, and optimize it—real time, all the time—from dev to prod.

Developers / Architects: 

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