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Performance Pricing

Make high APM prices a relic of the past

Stackify Basic Stackify for Azure Web Apps Stackify APM+
Windows & Linux monitoring (CPU, memory, network, disk, etc)
Servers, VMs, containers and hybrid environments NA
App Metrics (Processes, perf counters, JMX, etc) NA
Custom metrics (via .NET, Java & Ruby libraries)
Monitor web application performance & user satisfaction scores
Monitor key web transactions & database query performance
Full stack performance tracking (db, web services, cache, queues, etc)
Understand application behavior and dependencies
Inline errors in code-level trace views
Supported languages and frameworks List List List
Pay for use ($0.02 server/hour)
1 core
2-4 cores
Price is based on the number of instances in your app service plan.
Pay for use ($0.055 server/hour)
*Azure App Services allow for monitoring of basic CPU and Memory only
**Azure App Services sandbox is the environment
***Azure App Services does not allow access to this dataetc
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Errors & Logs Pricing

Turn your errors and logs into actionable insights

Smart ELM
Aggregate and index all your logs (app logs, OS logs, web access logs)
Powerful full text search, field explorer & dashboards
Tail your logs in real-time
Receive alerts when new application errors occur
Monitor application error rates
Monitor logs for specific log messages
See all logging statements related to a specific application error
Supported languages and frameworks List
$2 for each additional 1GB
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Stackify FAQs

How do I convert my Stackify trial to a paid account?

Simply go to your Account Settings page and choose Upgrade Subscription. If someone else will be upgrading your account, you can get more information here.

Can I cancel my service at any time?

Of course. If you decide that Stackify isn’t for you, simply cancel anytime. You will only be billed for the amount of usage metered for the current billing period to date. We hope that you’ll give us the chance to prove our value to you before you cancel the service.

What happens when my trial ends?

When your trial ends, your account will be deactivated and your database deleted. If at that point you need more information, please contact us at or Contact us page – we’ll be happy to answer any remaining questions to ensure your satisfaction.

Can I use only the error and exception module?

Yes. As part of our Errors & Logs product you could elect to only send us errors.

What kind of support do you offer?

Support is available Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm Central time via our support site or email

Are the monitoring features included in the Performance product (APM+)?

Yes. APM+ includes all of the monitoring features.

Can I do a trial to test out Stackify?

Yes, we offer a free trial. Get started for FREE!

How do you define "per server" pricing?

We currently treat each OS instance as a separate server. Each AWS or Azure server is billed separately. A hypervisor with 10 VMs would be billed as 10 servers, if Stackify is installed on all 10 of them. Azure Web Apps are billed by the size of the App Service Plan.

If you are using micro services or containers please contact us to figure out pricing that works for you.


How do you bill for Azure Web Apps?

Azure Web Apps are priced based on the size of your App Service Plan, not per Web App. An App Service Plan could be 3 server instances hosting 20 Web Apps. The price would be for the 3 instances from the App Service Plan.

How does pricing work for dynamically scaled apps?

We bill per hour. If you have 10 servers during peak times and only 2 during low traffic times, you only pay for the extra servers for the hours they are online. If a server is offline or deleted from Stackify, you will not be billed for it.

Where can I get additional information on what Stackify is and how it works?

In addition to the information found on our site, we have a wide-ranging series of videos featuring our COO. You can access them here.

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