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"This is cool…like Glimpse meets ELMAH meets app insights" Scott Hanselman, Microsoft

"15 minutes into Prefix & made substantial performance improvements. Hard to imagine future development without this tool." @jornorg

"You've got a great free tool there, Maynard." Carl Franklin, .Net Rocks!

"With @Stackify Prefix, I discovered a bug with @nopCommerce 3.70, not detected by anything inc. MS VS 2015 debugging." @lfurzewaddock

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Prefix offers even more powerful features to build better applications faster:

Get Premium Prefix Features

•  Customize: Profile methods of your own code

•  Defy Boundaries: End-to-end transaction profiling

•  Go Offline: Profile non-web & self-hosted apps

•  Collaborate: Save and share traces

•  Store: Longer retention of trace data


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