Stackify: Layers of Code and Layers of Culture

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At Stackify, they understand their culture so thoroughly, their COO has written an entire guide on the subject.

The article, titled “5 Principles for a Developer Team Culture that Wins,” was written by Craig Ferril, the company’s COO. The guide begins by explaining that tech companies need to continue to innovate their culture beyond just fun perks.

Instead, what should be most important to a tech company’s culture, is feeling like you ‘fit in’ and that you’re doing rewarding work. And Stackify tries its best to make sure the people they bring into their family are already in the same mindset.

“Amazing employees help make customers superstars in their jobs,” Ferril said. “Customers’ success becomes the business’s success. Therefore, leadership works in service of the employees, so that they may do amazing work on behalf of our customers.”

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