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Top IaaS Providers: 42 Leading Infrastructure-as-a-Service Providers to Streamline Your Operations

By: angelas
 |  October 7, 2017

Infrastructure as a Service, or IaaS, is a cloud computing model which provides outsourced computing infrastructure to users and organizations. It can provide users with resources that include servers, network connections, storage, and features like content delivery networks and load balancing.

IaaS providers maintain the equipment, while users rent or buy the specific services that they need. The term for rental or purchase is usually “pay as you go,” which offers a lot of flexibility and ease in growth. Organizations use the IaaS cloud as a way of easily scaling new or existing applications to larger audiences.

42 IaaS providers you should know

1. Amazon AWS


Amazon AWS

Amazon Web Services is one the most popular when it comes to cloud computing. It offers a wide range of storage services. Whether you’re looking for compute power, content delivery, storage, or other service functionality, AWS is one to beat when it comes to the IaaS cloud computing model.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive security capabilities
  • Rich controls, auditing
  • Hybrid IT architectures
  • Scalable
  • Works on Web Applications, Big Data & HPC
  • Backup and storage
  • Disaster recovery


  • Service Pricing – Pricing depends on the service
    • Check service pricing here
  • FREE tier (link)

2. DigitalOcean


Digital Ocean

DigitalOcean is a cloud computing provider designed for developers. It provides tools that allow users to control virtual servers in the cloud.

Key Features:

  • Can deploy in seconds
  • SSD performance
  • Simple API
  • Highly available storage
  • Fast network
  • Pre-built open source apps


  • Standard Droplet pricing
    • $5/month – 512MB Memory, 1Core processor, 20GB SSD disk, 1TB transfer
    • $10/month – 1GB Memory, 1 Core processor, 30GB SSD disk, 2TB transfer
    • $20/month – 2GB Memory, 2 Core processor, 40GB SSD disk, 3TB transfer
    • $40/month – 4GB Memory, 2 Core processor, 60GB SSD disk, 4TB transfer
    • $80/month – 8GB Memory, 4 Core processor, 80GB SSD disk, 5TB transfer
    • $160/month – 16GB Memory, 8 Core processor, 160GB SSD disk, 6TB transfer
    • $320/month – 32GB Memory, 12 Core processor, 320GB SSD disk, 7TB transfer
    • $480/month – 48GB Memory, 16 Core processor, 480GB SSD disk, 8TB transfer
    • $640/month – 64GB Memory, 20 Core processor, 640GB SSD disk, 9TB transfer
  • High memory Droplet pricing
    • $120/month – 16GB Memory, 2 Core processor, 30GB SSD disk, 6TB transfer
    • $240/month – 32GB Memory, 4 Core processor, 90GB SSD disk, 7TB transfer
    • $480/month – 64GB Memory, 8 Core processor, 200GB SSD disk, 8TB transfer
    • $960/month – 128GB Memory, 16 Core processor, 340GB SSD disk, 9TB transfer
    • $1680/month – 224GB Memory, 32 Core processor, 500GB SSD disk, 10TB transfer
  • Deploy a Load Balancer for $20 per month
  • SSD Block Storage pricing (calculate here)

3. Microsoft Azure


Microsoft Azure

Azure (also known as Windows Azure) is Microsoft’s public cloud. It provides a structure from which users can build, deploy and manage applications. It can be used on Windows, as well as other operating systems, languages, and tools.

Key Features:

  • Ease of use
  • Administrative tool
  • Can be used as PaaS
  • Can be used on all operating system


  • App Services start with a free tier
  • Virtual machines start from $13 per month
  • SQL Database starts from $4.99 per month

4. Rackspace Open Cloud



Rackspace Cloud is a cloud computing service with all the tools that users need for building scalable websites and applications.

Key Features:

  • Public, private, hybrid, and multi-cloud
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Great customer service
  • Can create basic monitoring checks like ping or HTTP checks for an extra fee.


  • Instances start at $0.04/hour and go up to $5.44/hour
  • File storage starts at $0.10/GB/month and block storage is $0.12/GB/month

5. Google Compute Engine


Google Compute Engine

Google Compute Engine is a scalable, high-performance virtual machine that can allow you to run large-scale workloads.

Key Features:

  • Google infrastructure backup
  • Scalable
  • High-performance
  • Low cost, automatic discounts
  • Fast & efficient networking
  • Environmentally friendly global network
  • Flexible


  • Instances range from $0.019/hour to $1.659/hour
  • Provisioned storage is $0.04/GB/month
  • snapshot storage is $0.125/GB/month.
  • Price is by service (full service and price list)

6. HP Enterprise Converged Infrastructure


HPE Converged System

HPE ConvergedSystem is a cloud built on OpenStack, and its IaaS service is part of Converged Cloud Solutions for public, private and hybrid clouds.

Key Features:

  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Flexible
  • Pre-packaged Power of One
  • Smaller, faster and hyper converged


  • Block storage from $0.10/GB/month
    • object storage costs $0.09/GB/month
  • Instances range from $0.03/hour to $3.40/hour
  • Full product portfolio here

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7. IBM SmartCloud Enterprise


IBM SmartCloud Enterprise

IBM SmartCloud is a high-performance cloud that offers core compute and storage services. This cloud is ideal for enterprises that manage larger numbers of developers and testers.

Key Features:

  • Great software and security for enterprise cloud administrators
  • Good management


  • Contact for cost information

8. Green Cloud Technologies


Green Cloud Technologies

Green Cloud Technologies is a cloud service provider, cloud technology partner, private cloud provider, and IaaS provider.

Key Features:

  • Hosted backup
  • Disaster recovery
  • Virtual desktops


  • Contact for cost information

9. CloudStack


Apache CloudStack

CloudStack is an open source cloud computing software that was designed to create, deploy and manage infrastructure cloud services.

Key Features:

  • Rich Management User Interface
  • Brand-able Self Service User Interface
  • Secure AJAX Console Access
  • Powerful API
  • Dynamic Workload Management
  • Easy Template Creation Process


10. Linode



Linode is a cloud hosting solution that offers high-performance SSD Linux servers for your infrastructure needs. It is easy to use, and good for those just getting started with IaaS.

Key Features:

  • Good customer support
  • 99.9% uptime guaranteed
  • Backups, NodeBalancers, Longview, and Linode Managed
  • Powerful API
  • Deployment StackScript


  • Standard Plans
    • Linode 1GB – $5/mo ($.0075/hr), 1 GB RAM, 1 CPU Core, 20 GB SSD Storage, 1 TB Transfer, 40 Gbps Network In, 1000 Mbps Network Out
    • Linode 2GB – $10/mo ($.015/hr), 2 GB RAM, 1 CPU Core, 30 GB SSD Storage, 2 TB Transfer, 40 Gbps Network In, 1000 Mbps Network Out
    • Linode 4GB – $20/mo ($.03/hr), 4 GB RAM, 2 CPU Cores, 48 GB SSD Storage, 3 TB Transfer, 40 Gbps Network In, 1000 Mbps Network Out
    • Linode 8GB – $40/mo ($.06/hr), 8 GB RAM, 4 CPU Cores, 96 GB SSD Storage, 4 TB Transfer, 40 Gbps Network In, 1000 Mbps Network Out
    • Linode 12GB – $80/mo ($.12/hr), 12 GB RAM, 6 CPU Cores, 192 GB SSD Storage, 8 TB Transfer, 40 Gbps Network In, 1000 Mbps Network Out
  • High Memory Plans
    • Linode 16GB – $60/mo ($.09/hr), 16 GB RAM, 1 CPU Core, 20 GB SSD Storage, 5 TB Transfer, 40 Gbps Network In, 1000 Mbps Network Out
    • Linode 32GB – $120/mo ($.18/hr), 32 GB RAM, 2 CPU Cores, 40 GB SSD Storage, 6 TB Transfer, 40 Gbps Network In, 1500 Mbps Network Out
    • Linode 60GB – $240/mo ($.36/hr), 60 GB RAM, 4 CPU Cores, 90 GB SSD Storage, 7 TB Transfer, 40 Gbps Network In, 3000 Mbps Network Out
    • Linode 100GB – $480/mo ($.72/hr), 100 GB RAM, 8 CPU Cores, 200 GB SSD Storage, 8 TB Transfer, 40 Gbps Network In, 6000 Mbps Network Out
    • Linode 200GB – $960/mo ($1.44/hr), 200 GB RAM, 16 CPU Cores, 340 GB SSD Storage 9 TB Transfer, 40 Gbps Network In, 10000 Mbps Network Out

11. OpenStack



OpenStack is an open source cloud software where users can create private and public clouds. It controls large pools of compute, storage and networking resources.

Key Features:

  • Leverages commodity hardware
  • Unlimited storage
  • Multi-dimensional scalability
  • Easily add capacity
  • Direct object access
  • Block and object storage


12. Cisco Cloud Infrastructure Solutions


Cisco Cloud Solutions

Cisco Cloud Infrastructure Solutions offers advanced services, technology, and strategic partnerships, and provides cloud services to users and organizations.

Key Features:

  • Enable on-demand, self-service provisioning environment
  • Public and private cloud
  • Secures users, data, and apps in the cloud
  • Hybrid IT


  • Contact for cost information

13. CenturyLink Cloud


CenturyLink Cloud

CenturyLink Cloud offers enterprise cloud services that are ideal for business apps, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, DBaaS and cloud management in a single platform.

Key Features:

  • Website and app hosting
  • Enterprise IT
  • Big data
  • Business apps
  • Development and test
  • Strong support


  • Infrastructure Resources – starts $0.00016667/hour to $0.0135/hour
    • $0.04/month – $9.72/month
  • Cloud Application Manager (cloud edition) – starts $36 to $93 per month
  • Cloud Application Manager (Data Center Edition) – starts $93.60 to $12,000.00 per month
  • Complete price list here

14. Joyent Triton


Triton Compute

Joyent Triton offers public and private cloud computing infrastructure, and services for Containers and VMs.

Key Features:

  • Flexibility and control
  • Expert support
  • Helps lower your costs
  • Unified VM + Container management
  • High-performance options
  • Built-in container security
  • Built-in container networking


  • FREE trial
  • Per minute billing (contact for analysis)

15. ProfitBricks



ProfitBricks is a channel-focused cloud infrastructure that offers storage, servers, and networking, It also offers APIs, SDKs, and development tools.

Key Features:

  • Visual cloud management
  • Price/performance guarantee
  • 24/7 Expert support
  • Easy to use


  • 1 Core
    • AMD OpteronTM – $0.024 / hour, +0.0133 $/hour (Windows Server)
    • Intel® Xeon® – $0.0506 / hour, +0.0266 $/Hour (Windows Server)
  • 1GB RAM
    • $0.0071 / hour
  • 1GB Block Storage
    • HDD $0.0533 / 30 Days
    • SSD $0.3204 / 30 Days
  • Outgoing Traffic
    • 9¢ / GB
  • Replacement Dedicated Server – 1 Web-Server, 1 Core, 2GB RAM, 10GB Storage Expected traffic: 4GB MSRP for 30 Days: $ 28.46
  • Web Portal – 2 Web-Frontend Servers 1 DB-Backend Server 4 Cores, 16GB RAM, 60GB Storage Expected traffic: 50GB Includes Load Balancer (no additional charge) MSRP for 30 Days: $ 159.45
  • Terminal-Server – 1 Terminal-Server 4 Cores, 16GB RAM, 1,000GB Storage, incl. Microsoft OS-License Expected traffic: 100GB MSRP for 30 Days: $ 253.19
  • Powerhouse – 1 Number-Cruncher/ Accounting Server 32 Cores, 128GB RAM, 200GB Storage Expected traffic: 150GB MSRP for 30 Days: $ 1233.96

16. Skytap Agile Development



Skytap offers a public service for cloud computing. They provide self-service access for learning, developing, training and running enterprise applications.

Key Features:

  • Lift and Shift in Days
  • Clone Complete Environments
  • Fast performance
  • Great for enterprise applications


  • Free trial (30 days)
  • Contact for price information or to schedule a demo

17. BlueLock



BlueLock’s mission is to tame complex IT challenges. They offer several different services, including cloud hosting solutions.

Key Features:

  • Virtual Datacenter
  • High-performance
  • Strong support
  • Strong security
  • Portfolio dashboard
  • Managed services
  • Hosting for compliance


  • Contact for cost information

18. Cirrity



Cirrity is a Cisco powered cloud service provider, with features that include virtual desktops, secure infrastructure, disaster recovery and backup.

Key Features:

  • Virtual desktops from the cloud
  • Secure IaaS
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Flexible
  • Scalable


  • Contact for cost information

19. Verizon Cloud



Verizon Enterprise Solutions offers a number of different products and services, including networks, cloud computing and data centers, connected devices, and security.

Key Features:

  • Security services recognition
  • Data breach incident response
  • Virtual Network Services
  • Security monitoring and operations


  • Contact for cost information

20. OpenNebula


Open Nebula

OpenNebula is a cloud computing platform designed for managing heterogeneously distributed data center infrastructures.

Key Features:

  • Light and simple
  • Flexible
  • Robust
  • Powerful
  • Big data, HPC, and science clouds
  • VMware vCloud Alternative
  • Hybrid cloud computing


    • Basic – €3.000 ($3,750)
    • Standard €6.000 ($7,500)
    • Premium €9.000 ($11,250)
    • Basic €1.000 ($1,250)
    • Standard €3.000 ($3,750)
    • Premium €5.000 ($6,250)

21. AT&T Private Cloud


AT&T Private Cloud

AT&T offers cloud services including computing, storage, software, development and network resources on demand.

Key Features:

  • Colocation data center
  • Cloud disaster recovery
  • Hybrid cloud computing
  • Cloud networking
  • Cloud storage
  • Security


  • Contact for cost information

22. CloudForge



CloudForge offers Agile tools and services designed to develop, code, connect and deploy.

Key Features:

  • Scalability
  • Deploy code to public and private clouds
  • Version control systems
  • Git hosting


  • Standard (Free 30-day trial) – For small teams and non-critical projects $2/user/month (packs of 5)
  • PROFESSIONAL – For small business and enterprise workgroups $10/user/month (packs of 5)

23. Datapipe



Datapipe offers a single provider solution for critical IT services including cloud computing, data center and colocation.

Key Features:

  • Using both cloud and traditional infrastructure
  • Committed to cloud
  • Scalability
  • Fast performance


  • Contact for cost information

24. ENKI



ENKI is a high performance managed cloud services provider that offers on-demand IT-as-a-Service cloud computing and technical operation services.

Key Features:

  • Flexible
  • Full IT operations services including break/fix, system administration, performance management
  • Available SLAs on services and application uptime
  • Your choice of on-demand or dedicated storage performance


  • Contact for cost information

25. CDNify



CDNify is a content delivery network that offers a fast, simplified and affordable CDN for developers, agencies, and startups. Their IaaS platform is used by hosting providers and other service providers. They also offer cloud storage, application servers, and disaster recovery.

Key Features:

  • Simple
  • Real-time statistics
  • Fast, SSD optimized network
  • Built to scale
  • Cache management
  • Strong support


  • Enterprise $250 per month – 5 TB bandwidth, 20 websites (resources), $0.05 overage rate per GB
  • Enterprise 10 $500 per month – 10 TB bandwidth, 30 websites (resources), $0.05 overage rate per GB
  • Enterprise 20 $1000 per month – 20 TB bandwidth, Unlimited websites (resources), $0.04 overage rate per GB
  • Enterprise 50 $2000 per month – 50 TB bandwidth, Unlimited websites (resources), $0.04 overage rate per GB

26. Citrix



Citrix provides cloud solutions designed to allow cloud service providers the flexibility to deliver high-value services.

Key Features:

  • Mobilize and optimize workforce
  • Security
  • File sync and sharing
  • Mobility management
  • Networking


  • Citrix Workspace Service starts at $338 annually, per user* with a free trial

27. Dediserve



Dediserve is a cloud server infrastructure provider that offers an SSD Cloud with total flexibility. It’s effective for Linux, BSD, and Windows servers, and you need only pay for what you need.

Key Features:

  • Global cloud platform
  • 24/7 support
  • Enterprise SSD storage
  • Uptime guarantee


  • Cloud resource pricing
    • start with 2 cores, 2GB RAM, 30GB SSD from just € 14.95 per month!

28. Navisite



Navisite is an enterprise-class, cloud-enabled hosting, managed applications, and services provider. They offer scalable managed services including applications, cloud desktop, cloud infrastructure and hosting services.

Key Features:

  • Data Protection Solutions
  • Cloud Services for Higher Education
  • Cloud Services for Healthcare Providers
  • Secure Mobility for a Productive Workforce


  • Contact for cost information

29. CDN.net



CDN.net’s purpose is to accelerate websites, and businesses. They’re known for full transparency and very simple pricing.

Key Features:

  • Instant activation
  • Simple pricing
  • Intuitive control panel
  • Rich media support
  • Persistent connection
  • Free Shared SSL


  • CDN-X
    • $20/month – 2TB
    • $50/month – 5TB
    • $100/month – 10TB
    • $20/month – 1TB
    • $50/month – 2.5TB
    • $100/month – 5TB
    • $20/month – 500GB
    • $50/month – 1TB
    • $100/month – 2TB

30. CDN77



CDN77 is another content delivery network that provides a number of different solutions and services.

Key Features:

  • Data center control
  • CDN storage
  • API
  • CDN Logs
  • CMS Integration
  • Purge and prefetch files


  • Pay As You Go (with 14-day free trial)
    • Traffic – USA & EU incl. Canada
      • under 20TB $0.049 / GB
      • 21 – 60TB $0.045 / GB
      • 61 – 500TB $0.029 / GB
    • Traffic – Asia & Australia incl. Turkey
      • under 20TB $0.125 / GB
      • 21 – 60TB $0.120 / GB
      • 61 – 500TB $0.110 / GB
    • Traffic – South America incl. Brazil
      • under 20TB $0.185 / GB
      • 21 – 60TB $0.160 / GB
      • 61 – 500TB $0.145 / GB
  • High Volume Plan
    • US & EU Plus Activate up to 6 data centers
      • 500TB $4,970 / month
      • 1PB $8,940 / month
      • 2PB $14,880 / month
    • US & EU Premium Full access to over 17 data centers
      • 500TB $7,985 / month
      • 1PB $14,776 / month
      • 2PB $25,885 / month

31. CARI.net



CARI offers a web infrastructure that is designed to cater to business’ individualized needs.

Key Features:

  • Strong support
  • Consistent access to applications anywhere
  • Scalability
  • High-traffic websites
  • IaaS for IT professionals


  • Contact for cost information

32. Logicworks



Logicworks provides consulting services with 24/7/365 technical support for AWS, Hybrid, or private clouds.

Key Features:

  • Cloud assessment and migration
  • Strong technical support
  • DevOps automation services


  • Contact for cost information

33. Cirracore Enterprise Cloud / Green House Data


Cirracore Enterprise Cloud

Cirracore (now a part of Green House Data) offers enterprise cloud hosting, high-performance colocation, and managed IT services.

Key Features:

  • Cloud hosting
  • Colocation
  • Managed services


  • Contact for cost information

34. Qstack



Qstack is a platform that offers services for any workload, including an enterprise-scale, cloud management platform with unlimited scalability.

Key Features:

  • Highly scalable private cloud
  • Application orchestration
  • Native hybrid
  • Cost-effective
  • Consolidated infrastructure
  • Unlimited scalability


  • Contact for cost information

35. Calligo



Calligo is a Global Cloud Services Partner that aims to provide the highest levels of data privacy.

Key Features:

  • Data privacy by design
  • Application performance guarantees
  • Cloud tailored to organization’s operational requirements


  • Contact for cost information

36. Lunacloud



Lunacloud is a cloud computing IaaS provider that offers elastic cloud servers, and VPS cloud hosting.

Key Features:

  • Choose your own resources
  • Up and running in minutes
  • Powerful Rest API tools


  • Cloud server
    • Per hour £0,0090
    • Per month £6,48
  • Cloud Jelastic
    • 14-day free trial
    • Contact for a quote

37. CBTS



CBTS is an end-to-end IT and communications solutions provider that allows mid-sized businesses and enterprises to improve efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Quick deployment
  • Expert monitoring and management
  • SLA-based service
  • Monthly utility fee


  • Contact for cost information

38. VMware vCloud Air



VMwate vCloud Air provides IaaS computing power, storage options, and advanced networking. It is also a platform for enterprise IT.

Key Features:

  • Computing power
  • Storage
  • Enterprise IT
  • Advanced security
  • Robust hybrid capabilities


  • Contact for cost information

39. Bit Refinery



Bit Refinery is a premier Enterprise VMware and Big Data hosting provider. They offer a public and private cloud, Big Data and managed services.

Key Features:

  • Private and public hosting
  • Big Data
  • Managed Services
  • Direct Connect Layer 2


  • Contact for cost information

40. Dimension Data


Dimension Data

Dimension Data offers a versatile suite of cloud services and solutions that meet the requirements of developers, IT managers, or global CIOs.

Key Features:

  • Digital infrastructure
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Powerful connection
  • Cybersecurity


  • Contact for cost information

41. Internap



Internap is a high-performance IT infrastructure provider. They offer hybrid infrastructure across a global network of data centers, optimized from the application to the end user.

Key Features:

  • High-density power
  • Optimized connectivity
  • Virtual and physical
  • Mix and match
  • Superior performance
  • Global footprint
  • Seamless hybridization
  • Network services


  • Contact for cost information

42. CloudSigma



CloudSigma is a cloud computing platform that allows for instant provisioning of flexible virtual servers and computing resources. They offer simple pricing in their products and services.

Key Features:

  • Simple pricing
  • Flexibility
  • Strong support
  • High performance
  • SSD and magnetic storage
  • Elegant API
  • Wide resources ranges


  • 1 CPU Core – $0.0195 /hr +$0.0115 /hr for Windows
  • 1 GB RAM – $0.0070 /hr 1GB FREE*
  • 1 GB SSD Storage – $0.1329 /30 days 50GB FREE*
  • Data Transfer – $0.04 /GB outbound 5TB/month FREE*

If you’re looking for a better infrastructure solution that enables rapid scalability at the right price point, one of these leading IaaS providers is sure to fit the bill. Check out our comparison of Azure and AWS to find out how two of the biggest players in IaaS stack up or visit this chart for a direct feature-to-feature comparison of Azure, AWS, and Google Compute. Or, if you already use Azure (like we do at Stackify), we have a few tips to help you minimize your costs here.

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