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Top Reasons Why You Should Choose PHP for Website Development

By: Emily White
  |  March 15, 2023
Top Reasons Why You Should Choose PHP for Website Development

PHP has become a popular choice for many to create out-of-the-box websites and web applications. So much so that most websites are powered by PHP today. A popular server-side scripting language, PHP offers many benefits in web development.

If you need to create a web application or a full-fledged website for your business, then you can count on PHP to build top-notch solutions. PHP offers many advantages over other technologies, empowering developers to create well-customized solutions for clients. However, why should you choose PHP web development services for creating websites? Here’s a look at six key reasons.

6 Key Reasons for Choosing PHP

Top Reasons Why You Should Choose PHP for Website Development

Free & open-source language

PHP, which stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, is an open-source technology with free, publicly available source code. As it is free, anyone can use it without requiring a paid license or incurring any cost. Like all open-source technologies, PHP includes a cost-benefit for any business using PHP to create web solutions. In addition, the popularity of the language makes it easy to find programmers with lots of PHP development experience.

Compatible with all platforms

PHP is a cross-platform server-side language that is supported on a wide range of operating systems. Fully compatible with all major operating systems today, PHP also has high server compatibility. So you can run PHP scripting on most major servers and create web applications for any server. PHP’s compatibility with multiple platforms and servers is quite helpful for developers to create robust solutions for your business and design web apps that run flawlessly on a wide range of systems.

Flexible & dynamic

As an open-source solution, PHP offers lots of flexibility and allows developers to create customized solutions according to client needs. PHP web applications and websites are very secure because PHP provides fool-proof encryption. In addition, PHP-based web applications and websites can load automatically without any mutual intervention. With flexibility greater than other server-side languages, scalability and encryption, PHP offers an ideal technology for creating dynamic and customized web solutions for your business.

PHP frameworks

PHP frameworks are pretty helpful for developers to create top-notch solutions with simplified coding and expedited workflows. There are dozens of frameworks like Laravel, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Zend, etc. Each allows developers to create PHP solutions with a better approach. These frameworks have extensive libraries and functions, as well as varied development architecture support, like MVC and MVVM. PHP frameworks have deep-down PHP coding and additional tools and libraries developers use to create custom web solutions. All in all, these frameworks are powerful tools for creating efficient and out-of-box solutions.

Lots of resources

Another benefit of PHP development is that it provides plenty of tools and resources for developers to integrate custom features and functionalities in web applications. Ready-to-use PHP tools include dependency managers, frameworks, documentation, editors and more. With the help of online resources, any developer can learn PHP and find various ways to develop web solutions. Tons of resources are available on the web for PHP development, covering different topics related to the development processes. Also, there are lots of extensions that help developers to enhance PHP’s power.

PHP powers CMSs

Another solid reason for choosing PHP for web development is that it powers many popular CMSs (Content Management Systems). WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento and many other CMSs are powered by PHP, meaning each has PHP written into the core of these platforms. If you want to create a well-customized website using these popular content management systems, then PHP is the doorway to a successful solution. You can partner with a reliable web development services company to create a custom website for your business using any of these CMSs.

Final Note

Websites have become very important for businesses, no matter what field or what size your business. However, creating the right website requires the selection of suitable technology. PHP offers many reasons for website development, is a preferred choice for creating dynamic websites and web applications and provides numerous benefits and features to match client needs. You can take advantage of core PHP, PHP frameworks, or CMSs to create a perfect website for your business and access loads of online resources for optimizing development and performance. However, it is best to select the right PHP Web Development Company to create the desired website, whenever you lack the experienced resources to do the job internally. In addition, using a great APM solution like Retrace will help you ensure all your website applications are optimized for a great user experience.

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