Find. Debug. Fix. Faster.

Smarter Errors & Logs for Developers

All your application errors & logs in one platform

Advanced dashboards, searching, and analytics across all of your logs. For cloud and on premise servers.

Centralized errors & logs

Cloud-based-logging takes minutes to setup.

Fix Bugs Faster

Easily isolate the problem, identify trends and focus your efforts.

Designed for dev & ops

Integrated error & log. Troubleshoot faster.


Month / 10 GB
  • Log everything - $2 per additional 1GB
  • Pay only for the storage you use.
  • Cloud based

Fix bugs faster with integrated errors & logs

The only solution that fully integrates error and log management together in one platform.
No more costly separate tools.

View error details missing in your logs

Full stack traces, URL, user info, and other context details

View log statements related to an application error

With 1 click go from a random error message to viewing all the related logging on that transaction. It's almost magical.

Powerful & simple log data viewer

Stop logging into multiple servers to see your logs.
Fix bugs quicker with immediate access to log data.

  • Full text searching
  • Explore all logged fields
  • JSON Viewer

Get notified when certain activity happens in your log files

  • Specific application log messages
  • Security related log monitoring
  • High logging rates

Advanced Features for Application Logs

Stackify makes it easy to log objects, debug data, and get user context information that can be useful in troubleshooting application problems. Search by any custom field to easily find logs for specific users or parts of your software.

Browse & explore all fields

Dynamically view all of your log data and custom fields. Filter by any field.

View top used field terms

View how many occurrences of particular terms are logged so you can quickly filter by them.

Real-time log tailing

View and search your logs in real time. Viewer auto updates with new logs.

Log custom objects as JSON

Via popular logging frameworks, log custom objects that can be indexed and viewed as JSON.

Use tagging in your logs

Tag log messages by subject or functionality and make it easy to #search logs by function. #awesome

Save log searches

Via popular logging frameworks, log custom objects that can be indexed and viewed as JSON.

Track Application Errors

Log files are typically a black hole for errors. With Stackify you get an easy-to-use dashboard enhancing your error data in the context of your applications.

Track new & regressed application errors

Get email or SMS notifications when new errors occur, not every single time it happens.

Identify the top errors in your app

Know what errors are happening and what users are affected.

View full error details

Stack trace, url, mvc route, query string, headers, cookies, context data, related log statements and more!

Monitor error rates

Receive alerts if your app suddenly starts throwing thousands of errors an hour.

Why should I use Stackify for error & log management?

Leverage Stackify’s other features to diagnose and resolve application problems faster than with a standalone logging service.

  • View logs in their context of overall application health & availability
  • Developer Friendly.
  • Integrated error tracking module.
  • Actionable alerts that tell the whole story about your application health.
  • Get immediate visilibty into application performance and key metrics.
  • Easily know what happened just before an error.

Languages & Platforms

Server Logs

  • Syslog
  • Windows Events

Web access logs

  • IIS
  • Apache


  • log4net
  • NLog
  • Elmah


  • log4j
  • logback


  • log4PHP
  • Monolog



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