18 Websites Every Developer Should Visit Right Now

18 websites for developers

Programmer and Developer-specific News Websites

websites for developersHacker News

It’s like Reddit but for developers!




websites for developersSlash Dot

A huge interactive source about all the latest blog post and news stories related to technology and coding.

websites for developersReddit Programming

It is Reddit for developers!


Learn How to Code

MIT Open Coursewarewebsites for developers

Historical courses straight from MIT. Video lectures, activities, and much more!

websites for developersCoursera

Coursera partners with a number of the world’s leading universities to offer free courses.

websites for developersCode Academy

A free and interactive way to learn how to code a number of different languages.

tuts+websites for developers

Tutorials on just about anything related to coding


websites for developersSourceForge

Access to all the open source code you;ll ever need.

Google Developerswebsites for developers

The internet’s leading entity seeks to inspire coders with tutorials and tips.

websites for developersStackoverflow

It’s just like the popular Q&A site Quora, but strictly for developers.


Smashing Magazinewebsites for developers

Coding tips, tricks, and ideas from an assortment of today’s leading professionals.



Fun Websites for Programmers

Programming Praxiswebsites for developers

Games to keep your programming skills sharp


websites for developersFacebook Challenges

Complete a timed challenge and possibly get recruited by Facebook


xkcdwebsites for developers

A hilarious daily web comic often related to computing.


Coding Horrorwebsites-for-developers-15

A fantastic blog about programming.


General Tech News Websites for Developers

When you want to stay on top of the newest business trends, we definitely recommend these three sites:

websites for developersArs Technica



websites for developersThe Next Web



websites for developers







I would love to get your comments, tell me what sites did we miss (and while you at there don’t forget to see how Stackify can help you develop and troubleshoot your application)