Git and Jenkins

Building a Continuous Delivery Pipeline with Git & Jenkins

Lyndsey Padget Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

Jenkins is an automation server which can be used to build, test and deploy your code in a controlled and predictable way. It is arguably the most popular continuous integration tool in use today. The process of automatically building code in stages – and at each stage, testing and promoting it on to the next stage – is called a …

What is Git Checkout Remote Branch?

What is Git Checkout Remote Branch? How It Works, When to Use It, Examples, Tutorials, & More

Alexandra Altvater Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

As developers, we work with Git often. Visit our Git page, and you’ll see that we have¬†quite a few repositories going on. Like many developers and groups, we migrated our version control to a git-based system a few years back, so working with Git is a big part of our ongoing work. Thus, it’s pretty important that developers understand how …