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Netreo Launches Prefix Premium Real-Time Application Profiler

By: Stackify
  |  March 21, 2023
Netreo Launches Prefix Premium Real-Time Application Profiler

Helping Developers Release Bug-Free, Optimized Application Code Every Time

Huntington Beach, Calif. – September 14, 2021 – Netreo, the award-winning provider of IT infrastructure and application performance management solutions, today announced general availability of Prefix Premium, the real-time application code profiler built for developers by developers. Prefix Premium helps application developers push fully optimized and error-free code into production efficiently and consistently by profiling, testing and identifying fixes as code is being written.

Installed on developer workstations, Prefix Premium validates the performance of code and presents instant feedback on nine “Summary Dashboards” to help expedite troubleshooting and issue resolution. “Summary Dashboards” include key data on slow queries, hidden exceptions, unknown bottlenecks, poor performing downloads, slow web application load times and more with direct links to problems that need to be fixed. Prefix Premium also identifies areas in code that can be further optimized based on industry best practices, providing extended value and support to IT operations and business goals.

“Prefix Premium puts the power of a high-end application performance monitoring solution in the hands of developers, who can now ensure optimum application performance before being released into a production environment,” said Netreo CEO Jasmin Young. “An ideal tool for developers, Prefix Premium also delivers extensive business value by ensuring customer-facing applications, ecommerce storefronts, websites and other business-critical applications deliver an outstanding user experience at all times.”

Prefix Premium increases visibility into poor-performing requests through detailed profiling, full transaction tracing and a consolidated log viewer, which eliminates tedious, time-consuming searches through messy log files to identify problems. In addition, the consolidated log viewer enables developers to explore the context of suspicious logs within each request and jump directly from a log into a trace for effortless debugging.

The licensed version of the free Prefix lightweight solution, Prefix Premium delivers additional high-value functionality by providing:

  • Seven-day historical data retention with time-specific context
  • Correlated requests, logs, errors and SQL queries in a related trace view
  • Simplified collection of profiling and traces from supported frameworks and containers
  • “Smart Suggestions” for optimizing code based on industry best practices
  • Built-in integration with the award-winning Retrace APM solution
  • And much more

Prefix Premium performs on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems and supports the most common programming languages in use today – .NET, Java, Python, Node.js, Ruby and PHP. Licensing starts at $20 a month per seat with prepaid discounts available.

About Netreo

Netreo’s full-stack IT infrastructure management (ITIM), application performance monitoring (APM) and digital experience monitoring (DEM) solutions empower enterprise ITOps, developers and IT leaders with AIOps-driven observability, actionable insights, process automation and accelerated issue resolution. By having real-time intelligence on all resources, devices and applications deployed in cloud, on-premises and hybrid networks, Netreo’s users have the confidence to deliver more reliable and innovative internal and external customer digital experiences. Netreo is available via subscription, and in on-premises and cloud deployment models. Netreo is one of Inc. 5000’s fastest-growing companies and is trusted worldwide by thousands of private and public entities managing half a billion resources per day.

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