Production DevOps Visibility

In today’s world businesses are creating mostly web applications and rapidly releasing updates to them on a monthly basis. Software developers naturally spend a fair amount of their time helping support these applications that they create. Developers typically receive very little information about application problems, except that the sky is falling and they need to fix it quickly.

In most companies there is a “Production Cop” that doesn’t allow them access to production servers, which makes troubleshooting difficult. They are locked out because of separation of duties, security concerns and just the fear of them changing settings they shouldn’t be. This lack of access is understandable but makes it very difficult for the developers to troubleshoot their applications in production environments.

Stackify is your new “Production Cop”. We can give your developers access to your production servers to get the information they need to remotely troubleshoot applications, without giving them terminal access, admin rights, and the opportunity to make changes they shouldn’t be. Our software is designed for software developers specifically to give them everything they need to troubleshoot applications remotely. Our goal is to create the perfect “DevOps” software suite.

DevOps Key Features:

  • View custom application log files
  • View application, IIS and server configurations
  • Access Windows Event Viewer
  • Remote file browser and viewer
  • View current running processes
  • View and start scheduled tasks, Windows services, and web applications
  • Scheduled task history
  • Server & application monitoring and alerts
  • Automatic application and server discovery
  • Application deployment and configuration change tracking

Stackify gives your developers the tools they need to efficiently support your mission critical applications.

Is this the most amount of information your developers get for troubleshooting?