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Launch Your Monitoring Into The Cloud

Take advantage of Retrace for Azure Monitoring. Proactively identify more issues in QA and continuously improve and observe applications in production environments

Works with your Azure stack

Stackify Retrace works out of the box with popular programming languages, containers, and cloud providers. View our complete list of supported integrations.

Hybrid Models

Use Retrace to track all your applications across all your deployments, no matter where they are. Retrace works with Microsoft Azure, AWS, and traditional physical or virtual server hosting.

Go beyond Appinsights

Take advantage of the host of benefits that Retrace offers over Appinsights to save you time while troubleshooting and allow for proactively catching issues before they get to production. Advantages include:

  • Better reporting
  • Tier 1 Support in under an hour
  • APM integrated with errors and Logs for deeper analytics

Deploying with Azure

We make your deployments in Azure easy to validate and less risky. Easily auto-scale with our Azure integration that removes deleted servers, helping you scale up and down. We support all common deployment types like:

  • Azure DevOps
  • App services
  • Cloud services
  • Azure functions
  • Azure Kubernetes Services
  • Web Jobs

Learn more about our deployment tracking.


Simply use Retrace to monitor your entire Azure stack.

  • Azure Service Bus
  • Azure Storage Queues
  • SQL Azure via our SQL query monitoring

What our customers are saying

Retrace’s APM lets us monitor this and focus our development efforts where it matters most. With redundant monitoring of Azure and Stackify and the really granular early alerts we’ve set up in Stackify, I feel much more confident about finding critical issues before they turn into fires. Aaron Elder Co-Founder I Crelate

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