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Why Stackify?

We were created by developers, for developers. Our mission is to help improve developers’ lives by enabling them to ship more and fix less.

One tool for Developers, QA, and DevOps

Stackify combines APM, centralized logging, code profiling, integrated errors and logs, and more under one roof. That way, everyone is in the know.

Our products are affordable

We believe continuous application improvement should be achievable for all. Because of that, we’ve made our pricing transparent and accessible.

Ready for the cloud

On-prem, hybrid, IaaS, PaaS, FaaS, we cover them all. Stackify can help you monitor your applications and the dynamically changing infrastructure that they run on.

Our Products

We have two amazing products to help you continuously improve the performance of your applications.

Full Lifecycle Application Performance Management

Logging meets monitoring. Click for actionable insight.

  • Made for testing and production
  • For your servers
  • Retrace users find production problems before production
  • Integrated errors and logs
  • The best traces in the game
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Dynamic Code Analysis

Push the best code of your life, then do it again, and again.

  • Made for developers
  • For your workstation
  • Prefix users experience less code churn
  • Simulate many functional and nonfunctional tests as you write
  • Runs on your second monitor
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