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Better code, Better results: No BS [Webinar]

By: Alexandra
  |  September 29, 2023
Better code, Better results: No BS [Webinar]

Small changes for big wins

At Stackify, we have the privilege of talking with hundreds of companies that have similar software challenges. We found that the #1 challenge is to deliver more value, faster, and with higher quality… while controlling cost, headcount, and complexity.

How do you squeeze more out of every delivery cycle with less?

There are ways to speed up delivery and be more confident about what you’re sending to production without adding extra manpower. The idea of shifting left, or speeding up the movement of a release and the delivery pipeline by automating and consistently deploying is not a new concept, but how do we actually get there?

Often, the testing we do is not enough or only focuses on the functional piece of the code, but when you add new variables with each deployment, there can be performance changes or different configurations that slip through the cracks.

Implement feedback loops at every phase of development

Implement feedback loops at every phase of development

What we have observed that’s missing is transparency and immediate feedback – the ability to surface issues with code, configuration, architecture, third-party services, and hosting environments quickly, without tons of extra effort, at every step in the pipeline when change gets introduced.

  • Coding: Deliver immediate feedback to developers before they commit code.
  • Automated testing: Whether you have CI testing, scripted UI tests, or other automated tests, you need to go beyond just passing the functional test and see beneath the covers. Did the code performance pass as well? Did you introduce other problems?
  • Manual testing: Enhance your QA team’s visibility into total app quality by also arming them with insights about performance and hidden issues.
  • Staging environment: Look for better confidence in your releases through in-depth validation, not just spot-checking of key functional tests.
  • In Production: Validate that the deployment was successful, and look for ways to turn production insights into new action items in the planning phase.
  • Planning: You need to go beyond feature and bug planning – you need visibility into architecture problems and performance hotspots that need time allocated as well, and to show them concretely when you need to gain buy-in.

By implementing some simple steps, you can start wherever you are today and make immediate improvements in one or more of these stages in your pipeline. These steps will not only improve your software, but they’ll also improve the rest of your practices by giving you better insights into where you need some fine-tuning.

Start finding hidden errors before they go into production instead of spending the bulk of developers’ time fixing issues after the fact.

Key takeaways

  • Actionable, small changes to ensure fewer issues slip through the cracks
  • Practical, no BS steps to improving your application
  • Learn how to tie back issues to a specific moment in time and area of your code
  • Use cases of how companies have successfully shifted left in the real world

Webinar Speakers

Watch Craig Ferril, COO and Megan Horton, Director of Client Success, as they share real-life examples of how development teams are able to reap the productivity benefits of shifting left with small, easy to implement changes in this webinar recording.

Craig is the COO of Stackify. He’s passionate about applying Lean principles to software and business alike, along with more than 15 years of experience leading software engineering and IT operations for start-ups, SaaS companies, and large enterprises. He loves sharing best practices on how to lead teams that build and support production software.

Megan is the Director of Customer Success at Stackify and the Founder/President of The WIT Network Kansas City. With a background in full stack development and public speaking, she’s a giant fangirl of C# but is also passionate about continuous application improvement.

Watch the full webinar

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