Targeting Top Java Developers on Twitter

Top Java Developers on Twitter

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For our most recent BuildBetter publication, we created an ultimate Comprehensive Java Developer’s Resource Guide. Not only does this feature awesome tools that help Java devs develop, monitor performance, find errors, and distribute messages, it also includes other Java Developer-related content – namely Java Developer Twitter . No worries, no SPAM. Opt-out anytime. We love Twitter – seriously, it’s our …

Anatomy of a developer

Anatomy of a Successful Developer Team Lead: What Makes a Good Developer Team Lead an Effective Leader?

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A developer team lead is responsible for not just designing and writing code, but for the coordination of an entire development team. Team leads often transition from a role as a developer, QA tester, or other hands-on technical role to the position of team leader, but the transition isn’t always an easy one. So what makes a successful developer team lead? What …

The Code Life is a Cold Life

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We partnered with over the last several months to create this fun little film for ya’ll. We needed a really good way to show developers just how much we love them!! I think we pulled it off. No worries, no SPAM. Opt-out anytime. And now, we’re pleased to introduce you to “Lights On,” starring Spokesman, Code-blooded kill(a); and the Bad …

Dev Education – Dev to Founder – Dr. Chad Mourning

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My journey from developer to founder passed directly through the intersection of academia and industry: sponsored research in a graduate program at a state university. This location presents both advantages and disadvantages, and this article will discuss these attributes for those currently attending a graduate program or considering returning to school for further education. No worries, no SPAM. Opt-out anytime. …