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On-Demand Webinar

Maximizing Retrace APM: Building Kick A** Dashboards for Deep Performance Insights

Maximizing Retrace APM

Collecting application performance data is one thing, but visualizing said data in a way that informs decisions is another. Are you maximizing the power of the application performance, errors and log data being gathered by Retrace? 

Join the Netreo team for an inside look at how we use Retrace to monitor Retrace! You’ll get tips on leveraging powerful Retrace dashboards to maximize performance data, plus insights on optimizing the value of your favorite APM tool. Even if you aren’t a Retrace user, you’ll see how your APM tool should be helping you!

This webinar will cover:

  • Retrace Best Practices: How we use Retrace to monitor Retrace
  • Get meaningful, actionable insights from your Performance Data, Errors and Logs
  • Create Personalized Dashboards for your applications and environments