.NET Monitoring Decrypted

Code level performance metrics, Azure monitoring, structured logging and more. Download our free guide and get all the answers around .NET monitoring.

What's in the Guide?

Today’s applications rely on multiple services like SQL databases, external web services, queues, caching, cloud providers, and much more.

Fortunately, most all of these things are built for high availability. Unfortunately, minor application problems are still a reality, not to mention the occasional outage. When application problems do arise, developers need to find the problem quickly so they can go back to their weekend or finish their work items for the sprint.

This guide includes:

•  Key Sources of .NET Monitoring

•  Measuring Application Performance Metrics

•  Monitor the Status of Your IIS Application

•  Defining Application Dependency Mapping 

    and Performance

•  Monitor Your Azure Apps and Servers

•  Understanding the Four Different IIS Logs

•  Methods to Find Slow SQL Queries

•  Catching Exceptions in C# and Finding

    Application Errors

•  A Retrospective on Structured Logging


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