Compare OTel Prefix Premium Features to the Free, Standard Version of Prefix

Here’s how the extended features of OTel Prefix Premium deliver value far beyond the modest investment of $20/month (only $18/month with annual subscription)

Capability / FeatureOTel Prefix PremiumPrefix - Community Edition (Free Forever)Why It Matters
Accept OpenTelemetry Traces & Logs with OTLP Http & gRpc Streams Supports vendor-agnostic, OpenTelemetry tracing for comprehensive observability across user environments, new technologies, frameworks & architectures; improves troubleshooting & streamlines application development
View & Export any OpenTelemetry Properties Captured on Any Frame View & easily share OTel-specific attributes within each trace
A Flame Graph on the Request View Easily visualize what parts of a trace are taking the longest
View & Search a List of Logs in a Requests Window Easily view & search logs within the context of each request for granular detail & improved troubleshooting
Operating System Support: Windows, Mac, Linux Performs with the most popular operating systems used in developer workstations, providing flexibility for the developer
Development Language Support: .Net, .Net Core, Java, PHP, Node.js, Python, Ruby, C++, Golang, Rust, Swift, Erlang, NestJS Provides broad coverage to profile the most popular coding languages developers use worldwide
Profile Non-web Apps Supports profiling of console applications, windows services, etc. on the developer's workstation, extending profiling beyond web dependencies
Custom Instrumentation Extends the profiling capabilities to include methods, traces & functions not natively profiled by Prefix, for simplifying triage of critical applications
View & Search Requests Simplifies searching for specific requests of interest by capturing & displaying a list of all requests from local applications
View & Search Logs Consolidates & displays logs for easily searching files & quickly finding necessary information - key terms, log levels & data points
Cost $20 per Month FREE Push 1 bug-free application into production faster with OTel Prefix, & it pays for itself many times over
View Historical Data 7 days 30 mins Provides time-specific context to collected data to see precisely when issues happen & whether new code changes resolved previous problems
View Related Trace Correlates requests, logs, errors & SQL queries in one trace breakdown, giving developers a complete picture of request performance from any tab view
Summary Dashboard & Insights Helps efficiency & prioritizing efforts to optimize applications by consolidating summary information in a single dashboard displaying: Top Errors; Top Requests / Slowest Requests; Top SQL Queries / Slowest SQL Queries; Top Web External / Slowest Web External; Top Cache / Slowest Cache; Top Distributed Traces / Slowest Distributed Traces
Similar Requests Easily compare instances of a request to expedite troubleshooting, verify code fixes & optimize request behavior
Smart Suggestions Identifies areas in code that can be optimized based on industry best practices
Watch Additional Files Extends functionality to frameworks & containers by enabling developers to simply add file locations for Prefix Premium to access, consolidate & display captured data
View Transactions Captured from Requests Provides transaction tracing across microservices & containers in cloud-native applications
Share Prefix Traces Enables flexibility & expedites the completion of work by simplifying collaboration with team members
Compare Production vs. Local Provides integration with export data, open files & trace from Retrace to simplify the comparison of production applications to the local environment & determining if issues were fixed or a request optimized
View & Search Errors Expedites problem identification & resolution by quickly finding & displaying specific errors in application code
View & Search Cache Simplifies identification of specific cache data that may be causing bottlenecks by consolidating in a single tab cache information from in-memory data stores (Redis & memcached, for example)
View & Search External Web Requests View & search external calls your application is using from either microservices or third-party companies
View & Search Queues View & search queues that occur in a given request or during a given time period
View & Search SQL Queries Simplifies searching for specific query information by capturing & displaying a list of all collected SQL queries from the application
Custom Thresholds Inject untracked time blocks into traces when timing gaps exceed a customizable threshold
Dependency Dashboards View a dashboard that lists all of the dependencies for a given host