Developer Things Episode 6 feat. Cory House

Developer Things # 6: Professional Speaking and Consulting Advice with Cory House

Matt Watson Developer Career Development, Developer Things Podcast

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Today’s episode of Developer Things features guest Cory House. Cory is a consultant and professional speaker who also writes software and creates online courses for developers.

Cory began writing software professionally about 15 years ago. For the last few years, he’s been focusing on front-end features like JavaScript and React, although before that he was very interested in .NET. These days, Cory works for Cox Automotive while also traveling to conferences for speaking and consulting gigs. He specializes in consulting on the JavaScript library React. Cory also creates courses for Pluralsight, a technology learning platform.

Some of the highlights of the episode include: 

  • Cory’s consulting work, and how he decided to specialize in React
  • How public speaking has impacted Cory’s career
  • How different employers view the prospect of sending employees to speak at conferences
  • Cory’s experience with Pluralsight and the courses that he’s created there.
  • Cory’s plans for the future
  • How developers can use blogging to advance their careers
  • Cory’s thoughts about web assembly
  • Cory’s thoughts about bitcoin

Important Links:

Cory House on Twitter

ReactJS Consulting

Cory’s Courses on Pluralsight

Cory on Medium

Quotes by Cory House:

“If you want to do consulting gigs, you need to specialize.”

“The software alone, which developers tend to fixate on, is not enough. People won’t magically show up at your door if you don’t have a solid sales side as well.”

“As far as reach goes, you’re pretty hard-pressed to get a reach grander than blogging.”

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