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Maximum Observability with OTel Prefix Premium is Ready for You!

Thank you for choosing the most advanced, real-time code profiler available! With OTel Prefix Premium, you’re well on your way to maximizing the performance of all your applications!

Please check your email confirmation with your link for downloading your Mac .app install file and starting your OTel Prefix trial today.

Questions on quickly getting up to speed? Check out Prefix Documentation and our OTel Prefix tutorial videos.

Trial Reminder:

After your 14-day trial ends, OTel Prefix automatically downgrades to our free, Standard version. To enjoy advanced OTel Prefix functionality and high-quality code production, subscribe to OTel Prefix for only $20/month ($18/month with annual subscription).

Optional Trial Extension:

Customer feedback is a gift, and we’re ready to give you a gift for your feedback. Take a look at our in-app About Section for details on how your feedback can extend your free OTel Prefix preview.

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