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Application Support Tools from Stackify

By: LiftedLogic
  |  October 20, 2023

Developers, DevOps, and CTOs/CIOs are turning to Stackify for its incredibly useful set of application support tools. Including Application Performance Monitoring (APM+), error tracking, log management, and server monitoring. A key component of Stackify’s application support tools, APM+, offers an enormous amount of code-level insights making it easy to find slow web requests and quickly pinpoint at the code level why they are slow.

Stackify provides a suite of application support tools in one solution that makes it easy to identify and troubleshoot application problems.

  • Identify slow web requests & database queries
  • Monitor server CPU, memory, and uptime
  • Track and monitor custom defined application metrics
  • Track all application errors
  • Collect and view all application and OS logs

The massive benefits of application support tools from Stackify

From the APM+ dashboard, Stackify users can see basic statistics regarding the overall performance of their application, including request performance (slow vs. fast), request throughput by user satisfaction, speed of database queries, URL calls to outside web services, most common web requests, where the most time is spent in the application, and much more.

Stackify’s application support tools are incredibly cost-effective, which enables clients to keep APM+ always up and running in order for developers to proactively monitor and improve the performance of their applications to ensure that their applications are performing well and their users are happy.

If you’re ready to try out Stackify’s application support tools for yourself, do not hesitate to sign up for a free trial to use with your own servers today. Simply click here to get started.

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