Carbonite and Retrace APM

Carbonite: “We turned on Retrace, within minutes we’ve identified the performance issue”

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We turned on APM+ and within a couple of minutes were able to identify the issue and a few hours later push out a fix.”

Who is Carbonite?

Carbonite is a leading provider in backup recovery and archiving solutions for small businesses and home users.  We fuel continuity by providing powerful yet simple tools to help keep businesses in business.  We were building hybrid application that spans Microsoft Azure cloud in our private data centers. Using, Angular JS, Azure Storage, SQL Server, and of course Stackify. We are using Stackify in an application that is the front-end of everything that Carbonite does for its customers. Whether it’s for purchasing, account management, product management and downloads..

“Using Stackify we’ve identified a memory leak within 45 min of installation”

After installing Stackify we were able to identify a memory leak within about 45 minutes, we had an intermittent problem with a few of our servers, but by the time we notice there was a problem the machine already re-booted, which means that any information that would have helped us was gone.

We’ve set up an alert with Stackify to notify us if memory usage went above 75%, it sent me an email, I was able to login, get the memory dump and within 20 minutes figure out what needs to be fixed

How do we use Stackify?

Carbonite is using Stackify’s application performance management tool, log management, error tracking and server monitoring. The combination of these tools together making the platform very powerful.  APM+ allows us to quickly and easily identify performance issues all the way down to external calls, database queries, and even individual methods.

“We turned on APM and within a couple of minutes we were able to identify the issue “

APM has been an outstanding addition to the Stackify tool belt. The ability to see such detailed performance information without code changes has been undeniably and incredibly beneficial. Recently we had a performance problem that could only be reproduced in production. We turned on APM and within a couple of minutes were able to identify the issue and a few hours later push out a fix. Without APM we would have added 10s if not 100s of log statements in an effort to get some of the information that APM gave us with the push of a button.

We chose Stackify over their competitors

We started looking initially at log management solutions because our existing solution wasn’t cutting it. We had some apps that were writing to event logs others that were writing to local log files and still others that were overloading our inbox with emails. There was no good way to combine all that data, much less to get any  qualitative information.

Stackify was intriguing for a couple of reasons, one it offered everything we were looking for in terms of centralized location to view log information, error management, alerting, as well as monitoring regardless of which application, hosting location or environment. On top of all that they were much better priced than all competitors. We looked at five or six competitors and ultimately we found that even ignoring price, none, other than Stackify, gave us everything we were looking for.

Setup and installation

Setup and configuration were extremely simple. Being a .NET developer we used NuGET to install into our application. Stackify  have very easy scripts and installer whether in Azure or on-premise.

Key Benefits for Carbonite

  • Single app-centric dashboard across multiple data centers, servers, databases, and applications
  • Simple installation with immediate out-of-the-box value enabled by smart defaults and auto-discovery
  • Combination of application performance management and log & error management
  • Seamless flexibility to scale up and down based on our environment
  • Contextual metrics, errors, and logs for easier application problems resolution
  • Real-time monitoring and log tailing

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