node.js monitoring

Best 5 Tools for Node.js Monitoring

Olivia Diaz Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

Application developers are turning to Node.js as one of the most popularly used Javascript frameworks for microservice development. Node.js tops the list of most utilized frameworks amongst the developers worldwide in 2020 by 51.4 percent. With the increasing demand for Node.js technology, it has become crucial to monitor the performance of the applications, servers, and other metrics. In this article, …

website performance monitor

How to monitor website performance

Iryne Somera Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

Website performance monitoring is an evolving paradigm primarily because website performance is synonymous with business.  It goes beyond simple measurement of web services and the features’ ability to respond efficiently to end-users. Plus, the demand of the market―underlying technologies, use cases, issues, and risks― fuels its growth. Certain factors lead to website or web service poor performance. First, there are …

Windows Server Performance Monitoring Best Practices

Windows Server Performance Monitoring Best Practices

Hardik Shah Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

The Windows server is typically installed on heavy-use servers that act as the backbone of various IT apps and services. If you’re an organization that employs a Windows Server, you need to stay on top of your Windows server performance monitoring. This post discusses what Windows Server performance monitoring is and why it is essential, as well as  best practices. …

How to catch all exceptions in Python

How to catch all exceptions in Python

Iryne Somera Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

One of the struggles developers face is how to catch all Python exceptions. Developers often categorize exceptions as coding mistakes that lead to errors when running the program. Some developers still fail to distinguish between errors and exceptions. In the case of Python application development, a python program terminates as soon as it encounters an unhandled error. So, to establish …

Managed WordPress vs Shared WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress vs Shared WordPress Hosting: What Should You Choose?

Yakshit Bose Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

For years, developers have compared managed WordPress vs Shared WordPress Hosting.  While both have their respective pros and cons, it is imperative to offer a detailed comparison between these two hosting types.  Key Differences Between Shared WordPress Hosting vs Managed WordPress Hosting  To understand how both types of hosting benefit users and web developers, it is important to understand their …

.NET Monitoring Tools

Best 5 Tools for .NET Monitoring

Iryne Somera Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

.NET monitoring is a critical aspect of .NET application development. It helps developers track the health and well-being of their applications to provide real-time performance reviews. Knowing the real status of your application ensures that users have round-the-clock access to your business site.  .NET monitoring makes sure that your business is not impacted by application issues. For example, problems experienced …

faas vs. serverless

FaaS Vs. Serverless: Resolving the Dilemma

Scarlett Brown Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

In the vast ever-changing world of technology, Serverless and Faas are the two new categories of cloud computing services. Both FaaS and Serverless have helped organizations in saving money, refocusing developers’ time, relegating infrastructure management, and harnessing cloud technology. However, while both are treated as the same, there is a slight difference. Through this post, we will shed light on …

software testing methods

Best Software Testing Methods

Iryne Somera Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

Software testing methods are essential in building software. It helps developers deal with different types of bugs. As we all know, these bugs may range from a missing semicolon to a critical business requirement. Thus, software testing becomes an essential part of a test driven development environment. We are in the era of process automation. Today, businesses are dependent on …

progressive web apps

The Best Tools for Building Progressive Web Apps

Alex Husar Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

The year 2015 was marked by a new paradigm shift in web development. Google introduced Progressive Web Applications and JavaScript libraries and frameworks, such as React.js, Angular.js or Vue.js, created new development methodologies.   By 2020, the web environment is flooded with PWAs based on reactive programming and built with cutting-edge frameworks. From the technical point of view, progressive applications have …

application performance monitoring

Application Performance Monitoring 101

Iryne Somera Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

In this guide, let’s dive deep into Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and how it works. We’re going to establish the difference between monitoring and management. Additionally, understand how to leverage APM’s full potential and its role among the different parts of the organizations, not just the technical department.  Modern applications bring value to every organization in today’s information age. These …

Is Elasticsearch the Ultimate Scalable Search Engine?

Grace Morris Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

For enterprise applications and startups to scale, they need to manage large volumes of data in real-time. Customers must have the ability to search for any product or service from your database within seconds. When you manage a relational database, data is spread across multiple tables. So, customers may experience lag during search and data retrieval. However, this is different …

free application monitoring

Free and Affordable Application Monitoring Tools

Iryne Somera Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

Free application monitoring tools are the go-to options for small organizations with limited IT budgets. However, with the number of tools available, which ones should you use? In this article, let’s analyze several free application monitoring tools that allow you to effectively pinpoint application performance issues.  When your system fails or performs poorly, you need a feature-rich APM solution. These …

Send emails with ruby

3 Ways to Send Emails with Ruby

Dmytro Zaichenko Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

For many developers, Ruby on Rails framework not only allows them to build web applications, websites, and efficient database solutions, but it can help them optimize mailing operations.  You can easily use Ruby on Rails mailer, an automatic tool to build transactional messages of any kind, and make proper authentication.  In this article, we review three main ways to work …

Python Memory Profilers

Top 5 Python Memory Profilers

Iryne Somera Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

According to the Stackoverflow survey of 2019, Python programming language garnered 73.1% approval among developers. It ranks second to Rust and continues to dominate in Data Science and Machine Learning(ML). Python is a developers’ favorite. It is a high-level language known for its robustness and its core philosophy―simplicity over complexity. However, Python application’s performance is another story. Just like any …

serverless software architecure

How Serverless is an emerging Software Architecture?

Vikash Chaudhary Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

Software development has greatly evolved over the years. Serverless is an emerging software architecture that could resolve issues when it comes to developing software solutions. As software developers, you’re tasked with server setup, installing the software, operating systems requirements, server management and maintenance, designing an application with high fault tolerance and availability, as well as managing load balance and more.  …

Top 10 Open Source APM Products

Top 10 Open Source APM Tools

Iryne Somera Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

Project owners and developers turn to open source APM tools to lessen the cost of application performance monitoring. In this entry, let’s examine the attributes of these open source tools. Years ago, traditional APM solutions were designed for IT only, particularly network operations. The APMs were used to monitor data to ensure the network’s Quality of Service(QoS). However, the landscape …


Real User Monitoring for JavaScript with Retrace

Maranda Williams Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

Real User Monitoring, also known as End User Monitoring or RUM, is a way of monitoring the client side portions of an application. Real User Monitoring for JavaScript allows developers to have access to key metrics for load times and user paths being used in production as part of their application performance management (APM).  Retrace is an APM tool from … and ROC Commerce stay ahead with Retrace

Alexandra Altvater Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources, Stackify Product & Company Updates

As a digital agency, the last thing you need are production issues for your ecommerce clients. The stakes are even higher when your ecommerce clients are running Super Bowl ads for millions to see.  Instead of enjoying the game, you are faced with troubleshooting a dumpster fire. The development teams at and ROC Commerce rely heavily on Application Performance …


Node.js Microservices: Developing Node.js Apps Based On Microservices

Rooney Reeves Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

Node.js application developers, in the ever-evolving business landscape, enjoy tangible advantages while incorporating microservices in Node.js apps development. The microservice architecture, or microservices, is a distinct method of software systems development, which attempts to create modules that are single-function, with well-defined operations and interfaces. The trend has become increasingly popular as organizations look to become more agile and move towards …

Kubernetes in Production: 6 Key Considerations

Farhan Munir Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

Kubernetes is an open-source platform for container orchestration. You can use it to deploy a highly resilient, self-healing infrastructure using automation and infrastructure as code (IaC). Kubernetes includes features for zero downtime deployments, scaling, automatic rollout and rollback of updates, and service discovery. Kubernetes is designed to help you manage container deployments at scale via REST API. It can be used …