PHP Debugging Tips

PHP Debugging Tips

Peter Morlion Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

Anyone developing software will sooner or later want to debug their code. It’s very clarifying to see your code execute step by step and inspect the values of variables at runtime. Developing with PHP is no different. In this article, we’ll have a look at PHP debugging, and I’ll also provide some tips and tricks. Debugging The term “bug” was first …

JBossWildFly Performance Monitoring: The Complete Guide

JBoss Performance Monitoring: The Complete Guide

Justin Reynolds Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

Ensuring your apps work as designed and deliver a productive user experience starts with monitoring applications metrics. This helps you understand whether your software is performing at optimal levels. Many developers use JBoss (now called WildFly and maintained by Red Hat) to build, deploy, and host transactional applications written in Java. JBoss boasts several awesome features, like fast startup speeds, lightweight functionality, …

Ruby Performance Monitoring

Ruby Performance Monitoring

Iryne Somera Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

When developing new applications, it’s typical to run into a variety of competitors with similar goals. This is one reason why it is not enough to create an application without ways to monitor and manage it. In fact, usually market leaders emerge rather quickly. So who are these market leaders? We often see these people and companies are the ones …

Docker Performance: Tips and Tricks

Docker Performance Improvement: Tips and Tricks

Lou Bichard Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

Docker is now everywhere. Over the past few years, a lot of modern-day software has now moved to become packaged in a Docker container, and with good reason. One of the biggest benefits touted about Docker containers is their speed. You don’t get lightning-fast performance out of the box without Docker performance tuning. We’re going to discuss some of the tips and …


How to Host PHP on Windows With IIS

Peter Morlion Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

Running PHP on IIS might not seem like a logical choice, but it can make sense. Luckily, getting PHP to run on IIS isn’t very hard, and gives you access to all the great PHP work that this community has produced. What is PHP? PHP was originally an acronym for personal home page, but now it’s short for PHP: Hypertext …

Laravel vs Symfony: PHP Framework Comparison

Laravel vs Symfony: PHP Framework Comparison

Sylvia Fronczak Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

Choosing a good PHP framework provides the right building blocks to make developing your app a breeze. Today we’re going to look at two PHP frameworks: Laravel and Symfony. We’ll compare them, score them, and declare a winner. Along the way, you’ll choose the framework that’s right for you and your product. PHP Framework Similarities Both Symfony and Laravel provide …

Python Garbage Collection: What It Is and How It Works

Alex DeBrie Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

Python is one of the most popular programming languages, and its usage is only accelerating. It was named the TIOBE language of the year in 2018 due to its growth rate. Python’s ease of use and large community have made it a popular fit for data analysis, web applications, and task automation. In this post, we’ll cover the details of garbage collection …

Java 12: New Features and Enhancements Developers Should Know

Jazmine Llaguno Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources, Insights for Dev Managers

Oracle will soon roll out Java 12 in March 2019 and new releases will drop once every six months thereafter. The goal is to make new releases more frequent for the Java ecosystem, with certain releases earmarked as long-term support (LTS). And by support, we mean the allocation of update releases for bug fixes and critical security patches. This latest …

How to Use Python Profilers: Learn the Basics

Kim Sia Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

Serious software development calls for performance optimization. When you start optimizing application performance, you can’t escape looking at profilers. Whether monitoring production servers or tracking frequency and duration of method calls, profilers run the gamut. In this article, I’ll cover the basics of using a Python profiler, breaking down the key concepts, and introducing the various libraries and tools for …

Case Study: ClearSale sees clear ROI from using Retrace

Alexandra Altvater Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources, Stackify Product & Company Updates

Background: After dealing with a large, difficult APM vendor, ClearSale was in dire need to switch to a reliable solution that was easy to implement, able to provide all the information they needed in one place, and provide enough value to speed up quality application building. Solution: After checking out a live demo of Retrace, Stackify’s APM tool, it was …

JavaScript Logging Basic Tips

Gaege Root Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

JavaScript has come a long way in recent years. Browsers are becoming more robust and machines are growing more powerful. Pair this with the recent development of Node.js for execution of JavaScript on servers, and you can understand why JavaScript has exploded in popularity. Developers continue to push the boundaries of what can be done with JavaScript, which leads to ever more …

PHP Performance Monitoring: A Developer’s Guide

Iryne Somera Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

As applications are getting more complex, it’s becoming harder to deliver high-quality applications. Tools like Application Performance Monitoring (APM) are essential for the development process. To get good performance data, developers need to deal with the rising trends of containerization, microservices, heterogeneous cloud services, and big data. To simplify this, and mitigate the amount of in-depth involvement and the time developers spend …

How to Log to Console in PHP

Kim Sia Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

PHP is one of the most popular server-side scripting languages for building web applications because it’s easy to use. No matter what you build, making it easy to log errors is key to ensuring a short code-test-learn feedback cycle. Because PHP was developed way before today’s modern browsers, it didn’t really have an easy way to log errors to the …

PHP Error Log Basics

Gaege Root Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

When developing PHP applications, error logs tend to be underutilized due to their apparent complexity. The reality is that PHP error logs are extremely helpful, especially when configured and used properly. While there are advanced tricks to truly squeeze every last drop of utility out of error logs, this article will cover the basics of configuration and the most common …

How to Troubleshoot Ruby Applications

Eric Goebelbecker Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

Troubleshooting is a critical skill for developers and DevOps. As our software grows more sophisticated, our problems do too. The cloud adds a new layer of complexity since we need to know how to find a problem that doesn’t occur locally, but has cropped up on a remote system. In this tutorial, we’ll look at how to troubleshoot Ruby applications. …

Apache Error Log Explained

Eric Goebelbecker Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

Many online applications use a web server as the primary point of contact for their clients. At least 43% of those systems are running the Apache HTTP Server. If you’re responsible for one of those systems, you need to work with the Apache error log. Apache provides comprehensive logging via several different files, but the error log is the most important. You can even say …

Logging Levels 101

Carlos Schults Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

If you’re a software developer, then you understand how vital application logging is in software development and a critical part of logging is something called logging levels. Log entries generally contain essential information—such as a timestamp, a message, and sometimes additional stuff like an exception’s stack trace. Those pieces of information are useful because they allow someone reading the log entry to …