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New Relic .NET Core Alternative: Stackify Retrace APM

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One of the most requested features by New Relic users is support for .NET Core. If you aren’t familiar with it, .NET Core is Microsoft’s newest version of the .NET framework that is leaner, faster, open source, and can even run on Linux.


Does New Relic Support .NET Core?

Not as of January 2017, a full year after the initial betas of .NET Core were released. We would expect them to update their .NET docs when support is released. Requests for .NET Core is one of the most popular subjects in their customer forums.


New Relic Alternative for ASP.NET Core Kestrel Apps

Stackify Retrace APM works perfectly with ASP.NET Core web apps on Windows. Apps targeting the full .NET framework, as well as Core CLR/netcoreapp, are supported. Retrace works with ASP.NET Core apps running behind IIS or running kestrel directly.


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New Relic Alternative for .NET Core Services Apps

Stackify Retrace APM works perfectly with .NET Core service apps on Windows. Apps targeting the full .NET framework, as well as Core CLR/netcoreapp, are supported. If you have a .NET Core windows service or console application, you can configure Stackify Retrace to profile and monitor these applications. You must tell Retrace to specifically monitor non-web apps.

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Stackify Loves .NET and .NET Core

Unlike New Relic and most other APM tools, Stackify’s entire platform is written in .NET. Because of that, we have fantastic support for ASP.NET, .NET, .NET Core, Microsoft Azure, and related technologies. Dozens of common application frameworks and dependencies are supported.


Get Stackify Prefix for .NET Core on Your Workstation for Free

We first released support for .NET Core in Prefix when .NET Core was in RC. We have been on the bleeding edge when it comes to supporting .NET Core from the very beginning. Prefix, a free .NET profiler, provides developers instant feedback to understand what their code is doing and how it performs.


Try Stackify Retrace APM for .NET Core for Just $10 a Month

Retrace is very affordable for all development teams, including special pricing for non-production usage of just $10. By utilizing Prefix during development and Retrace in QA environments, developers can drastically improve quality and confidence of the application releases.


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