Software Quality

How to Evaluate Software Quality from the Outside In

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In a sense, application code serves as the great organizational equalizer.  Large or small, complex or simple, enterprise or startup, all organizations with in-house software wrangle with similar issues.  Oh, don’t misunderstand.  I realize that some shops write web apps, others mobile apps, and still others hodgepodge line of business software.  But when you peel away domain, interaction, and delivery …

Productivity Metrics

Development Leaders Reveal the Best Metrics for Measuring Software Development Productivity

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We’ve talked a lot about Agile development and DevOps — particularly, the always-pressing need to rapidly ship new versions of their code and update their products. But when it comes to evaluating the productivity of your development teams, what metrics matter most? Should you merely be concerned with deadlines and time sheets, or should you focus on customer satisfaction to evaluate …

What is regression testing?

What is Regression Testing? Definition, Benefits, and Challenges of Regression Testing

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We talked a bit about the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) in a recent post, but today, we’re going to dig a little deeper into one particular and crucial element in the testing phase, particularly for Agile development: regression testing. No worries, no SPAM. Opt-out anytime. Definition of Regression Testing Regression testing refers to the process of testing a changed …

What is SDLC?

What is SDLC? Understanding the Software Development Life Cycle

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Streamlined development relies on a consistent methodology and a clearly-defined process from getting from point A to point B. At Stackify, we offer not only top tools to help you become a better developer, but also valuable tips, tricks, and resources to arm you with the know-how to get things done and done well. If you’re just getting your feet …

How to Write Test Cases and Why They Are Like the Scientific Method

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As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, I have a good bit of experience writing unit tests.  In fact, I’ve managed to parlay this experience into a nice chunk of my living.  This includes consulting, training developers, building courses, and writing books.  From this evidence, one might conclude that unit testing is in demand. No worries, no SPAM. Opt-out anytime. Because …

software deployments best practices

How to do software deployments with confidence

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Everyone wants to ship their code faster. Agile development and all the variants of it have helped companies release software  more often and spend less time in large, waterfall planning and project management. Agile development still has one big problem… confidence in software deployments. Developers have no idea if they are really ready to ship their new version. No worries, …