DevOps Blogs we wish would post more often

DevOps Blogs We Wish Would Post More Often

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In this day and age when everyone calls themselves a writer, markets can become quickly saturated with re-blogged news content that creates a web of articles that aren’t easily navigated.

There are still awesome and original blogs out there, however, if you know where to look. Luckily, we have a long list of DevOps blogs that you can skim through to find exactly what you’re looking for when you need application development or cloud computing help.

Quite often though, we find that many blogs start running a bit thin on content, or have been abandoned completely. We hate to see this happen to good writers and websites, and want to make sure good content isn’t being drowned out by regurgitated nonsense. Here are a few blogs with great articles and huge potential, but post quite infrequently.

DevOps Blogs We Wish Would Post More Often:

Thinking Out Cloud

Geva Perry helps SaaS and cloud companies. What he doesn’t do is blog frequently. He tweets a bunch, so we know he’s alive. It’s worth taking a look around this site.


Smoothspan is an active website. They’ve posted several times this year, the last post being in April. We’d like to see more posts like How Many Software Companies Monitor Their Software as Well as Tesla Monitors its Cars?. That strikes a chord in more ways than one!

Agile Sysadmin

This is the blog of Stephen Nelson-Smith. His industry experience and expertise is highly sought after. His posts offer deep opinions of the world surrounding Agile Development. His posts are enlightening and developed from real-world experience. His latest blog post was on May 14th of this year, “Why There’s a Future in Cloud Futures”. However, before that, his latest post was in September of 2011.

Hopefully we will see Stephen post a few more times before 2015!

Coding Horror

We might be getting picky because Jeff Atwood is pretty good about posting once a month. They’re usually lengthy reads that get the job done, but of course we’d like to see more.


Sadly, most internet users simply aren’t nerdy enough for this blog. We are, however – and we accept your challenge.

Benjamin Wootton

Benjamin is passionate about agile development and DevOps. But we think he should be just as  passionate about putting his thoughts into blog form!