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DevOps Blogs You Should Be Reading – Episode 1

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DevOps blogs are everywhere; and frankly we don’t mind. In fact, we constantly ask people for more stuff to read. We’ve gathered quite a list and stuffed it inside a Google Doc. Instead of keeping all these to ourselves, we’ll start sharing them with you! Every few weeks, we’ll feature a few of our favorites and why they could be your favorite as well.

Straight from our team’s bookmark bar to yours, here are three of our favorite DevOps blogs:

Code as Craft

CodeAsCraft DevOps Blog

Favorite Post – Java: Not Even Once

The best part about Code As Craft is that it allows us to peek behind the curtain of, a site that reaches nearly 0.5% of all internet users every single day. The prospect of rolling out over 10,000 production changes per year on a site averaging nearly 7 million pageviews a day would leave most people quaking in fear, but the Etsy crew makes it easy, and generously shares what they learn.

Their About page sums it up: “Most importantly, craftsmen sign their work. Think of this blog as us signing ours.” Coders as craftsmen – that’s a mindset we can respect.

 Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery DevOps Blog

Favorite Post – No Such Thing as a “DevOps” Team

Jez Humble and Dave Farley, authors of the book “Continuous Delivery” (and the blog by the same name), bring a lot of valuable insight to the CD space. Although the stream of new content has slowed, there’s still plenty of great stuff there.

In a post last October, Jez put his finger on a source of frustration shared by many: “DevOps” being touted as a magic bullet solution. Simply build a devops team and all your problems will be solved! In reality, he says, this approach simply creates a third silo between Dev and Ops.

DevOps Reactions

DevOps Reactions Blog

“Lead programmer assigns a new task to a developer”

Favorite Post – No Server Outages

Sometimes, what we need most is a good laugh. We work in a high-pressure, always-on environment, where a single misplaced semicolon can impact thousands, if not millions of people. If we can’t laugh about it, we’ll end up crying.

DevOps Blogs Everywhere Meme

What are your favorite DevOps blogs? Drop us a line in the comments or on Twitter. We might check them out and add them to our list.