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Humanitarian Toolbox Lets You Save Lives with Your Keyboard

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I know a lot of people that want to contribute their time and skills in times of crises, myself included. But life has a way of running amok, and as soon as I decide that the time is right for volunteering, I’m distracted by kids or work or the latest mystery mess in my kitchen (hint: it might be someone’s effort to make pancakes). Thankfully, there’s Humanitarian Toolbox (HTBox), a charity that supports disaster relief organizations. It provides developers, designers, testers and other industry professionals the chance to make a difference with their unique skills despite unpredictable schedules.

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HTBox takes on projects at varying levels of progress. If they are building something from scratch, they handle all the requirement gathering. They also help to maintain and improve custom-built disaster relief software. That means that when you volunteer, you can jump in and just focus on development. Not only that, they use Open Source software, so nothing stands in the way for contributors and users. Check out their repositories on GitHub.

Stackify works tirelessly to make things better for developers, so developers can make things better for others. That’s why we support Humanitarian Toolbox. From now until June 30th, we’re donating $25 to HTBox for every Retrace signup. Disasters happen too often all over the world. People need our help. See how you can make a difference with HTBox. Like us here at Stackify, they believe that your code can save lives.

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