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.NET Developer Finds Latent Bugs with Prefix

By: Alexandra
.NET Developer Finds Latent Bugs with Prefix

Rostyslav Kosmirak is a .NET developer from Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine using Rider and Visual Studio IDE.  Kosmirak was not looking for a Dynamic Code Profiler when he came across Prefix. Kosmirak explains that initially he was searching through Google for a log management system when he stumbled on Prefix.

Upon downloading, Kosmirak discovered hidden performance problems in his code before they manifested to actual performance problems.  “When I started to use Prefix, I found performance problems which I hadn’t even seen,” Kosmirak said. “Because of the queries shown, I was able to detect issues in the code where otherwise I would have never known  there was a problem. I was able to understand what was actually happening in the application.”

Since downloading in May of 2019, Kosmirak has used Prefix as a continual feedback loop for continuous application improvement.  He explains that when his code is almost ready to be committed, he runs Prefix to see if there are any problems. By implementing Prefix in his SDLC, Kosmirak is able to proactively improve the performance of his applications, long term.  “[Prefix] gives you insight into what exactly is happening in your application, and I like that. I recommend it to people all the time” Kosmirak said.  

About Kosmirak :

Rostyslav Kosmirak is a Full Stack .Net developer with 4 years’ experience, focusing primarily on web applications. He enjoys finding ways to continually improve his web applications to better understand his code. When not coding, Kosmirak spends his time hiking in the mountains.

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