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Retrace Now Integrates with Axosoft: Track Errors and Save Time Fixing Bugs

By: mwatson
  |  March 23, 2024
Retrace Now Integrates with Axosoft: Track Errors and Save Time Fixing Bugs

If you’re tired of manually inputting errors into Axosoft, we have exciting news for you.

Stackify wants you to save time and be more productive when developing applications. That’s why the latest Retrace update, you can now export errors reported by Retrace directly into Axosoft’s issue management software for tracking.

Retrace is the only Application Performance Management (APM) tool that integrates with Axosoft. If you love Axosoft and Retrace separately, you’re going to love them even more together. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Easily track errors
  • Save time fixing bugs
  • Test faster and more often

Easily Track Errors

Never input errors into Axosoft manually again. When Retrace reports an error, you can export that error to your Axosoft project board with a click of a button. That error report then becomes an item card to be resolved by your team.

Quickly Fix Bugs

With Retrace’s code-level insights and transaction tracing, you’ll never have to wonder why your application is performing poorly. The exact details of each error will be captured by Retrace, where it can be exported into an Axosoft card so you can quickly fix it and move on to the next item.

Test Earlier and More Often

Agile methodology constantly tells us to “Shift Left”, or test as early as possible in the software development lifecycle. But this is easier said and done. You need a process in place that integrates error reporting and project management so your team can quickly catch and resolve errors in between releases.

With Axosoft and Retrace, this process is seamlessly integrated so you can spend more time testing and deploying.

Configuring Axosoft in Retrace

In Retrace, an account admin must first configure the Axosoft integration by going to Settings → [Integrations] → Axosoft.

Enable Axosoft in Retrace

The user will then be prompted by Axosoft to allow Stackify access to their Axosoft team. The Stackify integration will inherit the permissions of the Axosoft user who is logged in when the connection between Retrace and Axosoft is configured, and will impersonate that user when exporting issues to Axosoft.

Axosoft Retrace Configuration

Once the integration has been configured, Retrace users can click the “Share” button from the details of any error to begin the export to Axosoft.

This export functionality works in a way similar to the Retrace integrations with JIRA and TFS; users will notice a new Axosoft option on the left-hand side of the dialog. Select the appropriate options on the Share form, then click Create, and your issue will be exported to Axosoft for tracking!

Retrace Axosoft Error Detail

Do More with Retrace and Axosoft

Learn how Retrace APM works on top of Axosoft to improve the deployment tracking process all the way from Dev to Prod.


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